Kurt Frohlich describes L.A. Guns bandmate Steve Riley as “definitely a good guy” & “great to work with”

Kurt Frohlich describes L.A. Guns bandmate Steve Riley as “definitely a good guy” & “great to work with”

L.A. Guns (feat. Riley and Nickels) frontman Kurt Frohlich was recently interviewed by Mike Matty for Italy’s Melody Lane. The L.A. Guns version spearheaded by drummer Steve Riley and bassist Kelly Nickels, and which also includes Frohlich on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, and Scott Griffin on lead guitar, has an album ready to go but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the band is currently waiting to release it via Golden Robot Records.

With respect to his bandmate Steve Riley, Frohlich indicated: “Steve Riley runs the band, of course it’s a democracy but he’s the leader. Eric Baker is our manager but Steve runs the band, he puts everything  together. It’s a lot of work running a band, it’s a pain in the ass, I’ve done it with my many other bands and it’s not fun… He communicates with the agents,  he communicates with the booking agencies, he deals with everything, he deals with getting people flights in and out of everywhere…so yes… he really does a lot of work;  but when stuff comes up with deciding about other things like, for example, the single… Steve takes everybody’s influence;  it’s just a democracy, it’s not a dictatorship. Steve’s got a good business sense too and he’s definitively a good guy. It’s great to work with him and if it wasn’t enjoyable we wouldn’t do it.”

In terms of the first single “Crawl” from L.A. Guns‘ (feat. Riley and Nickels) upcoming album, Frohlich stated (with slight edits): “Well… all the songs were finished at the same time and submitted to the management and to the label…So the first single “Crawl” was picked between by the band obviously and our management and label; they are our team that’s really focusing on the timeline of how we gonna do everything. I think “Crawl” was picked because it ‘s got a cool vibe and  it‘s got that sleaze kinda L.A. Guns feel, so… it was a natural choice. The album has more than one single on it; the album is solid.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Kurt Frohlich at Melody Lane’s website.

L.A. Guns (feat. Steve Riley and Kelly Nickels) ‘Making of “Crawl” Behind the Scenes” video: