L.A. Cobra release new studio album ‘Shotgun Slinger’

L.A. Cobra release new studio album ‘Shotgun Slinger’

South Africa’s reported only sleaze rock band L.A. Cobra have just released their third studio album Shotgun Slinger earlier this month. Shotgun Slinger was produced, mixed and mastered by Crashdïet and Sister band member Martin Sweet.

Back in May 2017, Sleaze Roxx premiered the video for the title track and L.A. Cobra frontman Don Cobra explained how the group ended up working with Sweet on the album Shotgun Slinger:

“I became friends with Martin and Peter [London] early last year, and ended up going to the “Rest in Sleaze” fest in Stockholm in November 2016. Long story short… the day that I left to go back to South Africa, I left Peter‘s place and went to say goodbye to Martin in Solna. It was fucking freezing for me as a South African. He arrived on Father’s Day knee deep in the snow to meet me for an early morning coffee. I said to him it would be an honor for us if he could mix a song with us on our new album. Martin then went on tour with Sister in November/December and in February, we spoke again and then we sent him the track “Ride.” It sounded so amazing that we just couldn’t release the whole album without him mixing, mastering and producing it. Martin is one super talented human, and he just knows exactly what we want before we want it… [laughs]. Once again, thanx Mr. Sweet.”

Track List for Shotgun Slinger:
01. Running Wild
02. Sell Your Soul (Little Girl)
03. Ride
04. Shotgun Slinger
05. Somebody To Love
06. See Right Thru You
07. WTFR (Wrong. Things. Feel. Right)
08. War
09. Good Taste In Bad Woman
10. Midnight
11. Rock ‘N Roll Pretoria

L.A. Cobra‘s “Shotgun Slinger” video:

L.A. Cobra – Shotgun Slinger (Official Video)

The video for the single Shotgun Slinger off the 2017 album Shotgun Slinger.http://www.lacobra.co.za