L.A. Cobra to premiere new video on Sleaze Roxx in four days

L.A. Cobra to premiere new video on Sleaze Roxx in four days

L.A. Cobra photoSouth African sleaze rockers L.A. Cobra will be premiering their new video for their song “Rock ‘N Roll Pretoria” in four days exclusively on Sleaze Roxx.

The group will also be launching their video at Hooters Willow Crossing in Pretoria, South Africa during the evening of July 28, 2016.

Formed in 2005, L.A. Cobra have released two albums to date: Cherry Hill in 2007 and How Much Snake Can You Take? in 2010. The sleaze band consists of Don Cobra (vocals/guitar), Slade (guitar), Callie the Animal (drums) and Ewil Honey (bass).

Stay tuned for the premiere of L.A. Cobra‘s video for their new song “Rock ‘N Roll Pretoria” as well as a mini-interview with the group’s frontman Don Cobra in four days on Sleaze Roxx!

L.A. Cobra‘s teaser for “Rock ‘N Roll Pretoria” video:

L.A. COBRA – Timeline | Facebook

Edited: Video launch Thursday 28 July at 19:30 Hooters Willows Crossing Bring a friend. The brand new L.A. Cobra music video for Rock ‘n Roll Pretoria will be launched next week. We know you can’t wait so here’s a little teaser.

L.A. Cobra‘s “Back Roads” video:

L.A. Cobra Back Roads Music Video

https://twitter.com/lacobraband http://www.myspace.com/sincobra Back Roads is from the latest L.A. Cobra Album -2011 “How much snake can you take??” It is one of 3 music videos, which then forms a short story. The other two videos is coming soon. Starring: Don Cobra, The Animal, John Strong, Michelle Van Der Nest, Michael Van Heerden, Directed by Brendan Campbell.