L.A. Guns Bassist Pissed Off About Being Fired

L.A. Guns Bassist Pissed Off About Being Fired

September 22, 2014

Just yesterday L.A. Guns announced that they had parted ways with bassist Scotty Griffin, insinuating that it was a mutual decision. Here at Sleaze Roxx we thought the timing of the split in mid-tour was rather suspicious and today Griffin claimed he didn’t leave the band, but was in fact fired with no warning whatsoever.

“To get right to the point, contrary to what has been written, me not being in L.A. Guns anymore was not a mutual decision at all,” says Griffin. “I was kicked out, plain and simple. Or, as it was exactly worded, “Phil (Lewis, singer) has decided the band is going to move forward without you. Why it was posted as, ‘Scotty Griffin and the band have decided…’ is beyond me. I was never part of this decision. I never knew this decision was being made and I never wanted, nor ever said I wanted to leave L.A. Guns. I know a good thing when I see it and L.A. Guns was a great thing. I loved the music, I loved the travel, I loved the people I met, and I loved the band and everybody in it. I had NO intentions of giving any of that up.”

“Phil, it’s ok if you don’t want me in your band anymore. It’s yours and (drummer Steven) Riley’s band,” continues the bassist. “You have the right to do whatever you want, why ever you want. But just say it. ‘We have decided to move on without Scotty Griffin. We wish him the best of luck.’ Very simple and to the point. Why lie? Let me clarify one more time, I DID NOT QUIT L.A. GUNS. I was basically unceremoniously sacked. Sounds harsh, but that’s the reality. That’s business. And this is the music business. I just want the truth to be known. We played a packed show Saturday night at the Whisky. I gave the show 1000%. We all did. The next day, I got the call that I was out of the band. THAT is what went down. There was no two week notice. Just ‘you’re out.’ At least a month worth of shows that I was booked on flights for (and that I turned down other gigs for) have been taken away without any warning. To be blunt: financially speaking, I’m FUCKED! Hopefully, only for a while.”

“Am I pissed? Yeah, you could say that. And that’s probably why this post might come off as a little vindictive. Am I right for being pissed? I guess that’s subjective. You each have to ask your own selves whether or not YOU would be pissed if you were in my position.”

Griffin is being replaced by former Beautiful Creatures bassist Kenny Kweens, who also stepped in for Griffin back in 2009. However Griffin disagrees with the band’s claim that he was ‘our bassist off-and-on for the past seven years.’ “The other point I have issue with is this ‘bassist on and off’ bullshit? That, I am offended by. I’ve played over 400 shows with L.A. Guns, all around the world. And that includes practically every state in America, at least a dozen countries including Japan, South Korea, Australia, and most countries in Europe. I recorded and co-wrote our last album Hollywood Forever. I navigated us through thousands and thousands of miles in countless vans across America with Steve because I was the only guy that knew how to, or wanted to, work a GPS. I’ve given my heart and my soul, my blood and my sweat, to every single performance with the Guns. Whether it was in front of 20 people in some bar out in the middle of nowhere that was promoted so bad even the waitress didn’t know we were playing, to 20,000 screaming fans at a rockfest in Sweden opening for Alice Cooper. Don’t get me wrong, I know my place. I know I’m not an original member, I respect that. But I was way fucking more than just an ‘on and off again bass player.’ I was in the band longer than the majority of the 24 other members who were in it before me.”

Griffin is trying to stay positive, but makes it clear he will never return to L.A. Guns. “But through all of that, and in spite of the way you fired me, I still love you Phil. I believe you have your own personal reasons for doing this, whatever they are. I, for the life of me, can’t figure out why. But regardless of why, I think it could’ve/should’ve been handled better. Still, you are the most amazing frontman I have ever performed with. Don’t worry, I’m not kissing your ass. I don’t expect to ever be asked to join L.A. Guns again, nor would I join if asked. That battleship was sunk for good yesterday. But I will always look back with gratitude at my time in the band.”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com