L.A. Guns (feat. Riley and Nickels) release new single “Well Oiled Machine”

L.A. Guns (feat. Riley and Nickels) release new single “Well Oiled Machine”

The L.A. Guns version spearheaded by drummer Steve Riley and bassist Kelly Nickels and also featuring lead guitarist Scott Griffin and lead vocalist / rhythm guitarist Kurt Frohlich has released a new single titled “Well Oiled Machine” from their upcoming new studio album Renegades via Golden Robot Records. The group previously released the single “Crawl” about two months ago. You can order the single via various digital outlets.

Nickels was interviewed by Sleaze Roxx in early May 2020 and he was asked about who in the band wrote the songs for the upcoming new record. The bassist replied:

“Everybody came up with songs individually and then it definitely became a collaborative effort as everybody added bits and pieces to all the other songs too. So everybody came in with their basic songs and on a lot of them, we did change a few things and different little things that we could add to them, and some really good ideas that helped them. I wrote three and then the other guys all wrote some so everybody has a piece in there. We split everything equally. Everyone has equal shares. It’s a team. It’s a band. It’s not individuals. It’s the unit. We share everything. Everybody’s in it and everybody’s got a vested interest. Everybody wants to make it succeed now.”

When it was pointed out that it was kind of like the old days, Nickels stated: “Well yeah. We had that same vision back then too man. We got along really well back then too. It was always a fun process. I definitely did more drugs back then so I wasn’t really into the recording process. I just wanted to piss around all the time.”

L.A. Guns‘ (feat. Riley and Nickels) “Well Oiled Machine” single: