L.A. Guns feat. Steve Riley and Kelly Nickels to release new album sometime next spring

L.A. Guns feat. Steve Riley and Kelly Nickels to release new album sometime next spring

Big news for the L.A. Guns version consisting of drummer Steve Riley, bassist Kelly Nickels, lead guitarist Scott Griffin and lead vocalist / rhythm guitarist Kurt Frohlich as the group as signed on with a new management company and booking agency, and more importantly will be recording a new album later this month with a release scheduled for sometime next spring.

The following message was posted on the Facebook page of the L.A. Guns version spearheaded by Riley and Nickels earlier today:

“UPDATE: We are so pleased to formally announce that we have signed with NEW BREED Management and BIGGTIME INC. is now our Booking Agency. But… it gets better, we have also signed a new record deal with GOLDEN ROBOT RECORDS and we’ll be heading into the studio to record a new album later this month, which should be out sometime next spring. We are very grateful for this opportunity and we want to thank you all for your support throughout the years. Also we are looking forward to seeing you all on tour in 2020

Keep you posted…thx -k”

The news of an album getting released within about a year of the debut gig from Riley and Nickels‘ version of L.A. Guns is interesting given that lead vocalist Phil Lewis had previously cited the lack of work on new material as one of the reasons why he left Riley‘s version of L.A. Guns to guitarist Tracii Guns‘ version back in late 2016.

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in March 2019, Lewis stated: “Yeah. Well, that was a big part of my frustration. With Steve and that line-up, we weren’t putting anything out. We put out Hollywood Forever [in 2012] and it was like years went by and it was like, “C’moonnn! We’ve got to do some recording. Put some new material out and it just wasn’t budging. You know, I have to say with honesty that I have nothing bad to say about Riley or any of that line-up. We did thousands of shows, millions of miles together and we got on. We were never really friends but we were very… We were associates and we had a lot of respect for each other, and that’s all good. We made some records. We made some good records. We made some records that I am immensely proud of but they’re not L.A. Guns records. And they’re not L.A. Guns records because Tracii is not on them. And it’s like any record that Tracii may have done, and called it L.A. Guns and I’m not on it, it’s not really L.A. Guns. You know, I accept that. I’m real proud of it and it’s just the way it is.”