L.A. Guns Guitarist Stacey Blades Metalizes Classical Music

L.A. Guns Guitarist Stacey Blades Metalizes Classical Music

June 25, 2010

L.A. Guns Guitarist Stacey Blades Metalizes Classical MusicOur friend Rachel Logan, host of Rockin’ Back — the Celebration of Hair Metal & Melodic Rock — has an awesome interview with Stacey Blades of L.A. Guns for you all to check out. Hear Stacey talk about what’s in his new book ‘Snake Eyes’ (ya know, strippers, stalkers..etc.), the cool twist to his current solo album and how he got the name Blades.

When asked about his solo CD ‘Symphonic Slam’ Stacey said, “it is an instrumental album and it’s actually all classical music — numbers from Strauss, Bach, Beethoven… It’s totally rocked out. It was actually produced by Adam Hamilton, who was bass player for L.A. Guns for five years. We had a great time making it, it was a lot of preparation. It turned out really, really good. It’s definitely loud with lots of guitars, but it’s basically is a twist off the original pieces, they have the original melodies in them but it’s all completely ‘metaled’ out. They just released print on demand hard copies of the CD at Amazon.com.”

The entire interview can be heard at http://rachelsrock.podbean.com.

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