L.A. Guns release official statement over drummer Shane Fitzgibbon’s departure from the band

L.A. Guns release official statement over drummer Shane Fitzgibbon’s departure from the band

After the sudden and surprise Instagram post on L.A. Guns guitarist Tracii Guns‘ account a few days ago that drummer Shane Fitzgibbon was being replaced by Scot Coogan, L.A. Guns have decided to clear the air on the circumstances of Fitzgibbon‘s departure following some speculation that the drummer left the band due to issues with Guns and lead vocalist Phil LewisFitzgibbon played drums on L.A. Guns’ critically acclaimed studio album The Missing Peace(2017), their live album Made In Milan (2018) and their upcoming studio album The Devil You Know, which will be released in four days.

The following message was posted on L.A. Guns‘ Facebook page late yesterday or early this morning:

“One door closes, another opens …

Statement from L.A. Guns

March 23, 2019, Las Vegas, NV

Now that the dust has settled a bit, we wanted to take this opportunity to clear up any misinformation circulating over social media. Our brother, Shane Thomas Fitzgibbon, has left L.A. Guns to pursue a wonderful career opportunity that came his way. We totally support his decision to move on to the next chapter in his life, and we couldn’t be happier for him. Shane, you will always be a part of the L.A. Guns family, and nothing will ever change that. Also, Shane asked that we share some messages with all of you.

“Sorry about my ridiculously abrupt departure. I have been working with some people part time in the off season that took a real liking to me and made me a life changing offer that if I didn’t take I would have potentially regretted for the rest of my life.”

To the band, “We fucking rule as a band because you all rule individually and I’m confident that the badassery will undoubtedly continue indefinitely. I am so proud to have been a part of this unit and to have made two bad motherfuckin records with you. This was seriously the most difficult decision I have ever made. I’m pumped that Scot is on board because he is deserving of you guys, and I hope you keep crushing it to infinity and beyond. You’re my brothers, and I don’t want that to ever change.”

We also want to take this opportunity to welcome Scot Coogan to the L.A. Guns family. Scot is an accomplished drummer and vocalist who has played with Tracii in Brides of Destruction, as well as Ace Frehley and Lita Ford among others. We are excited and fortunate to have him behind the kit replacing Shane.

L.A. Guns

Scotty Ludwick, Manager
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