L.A. Guns’ Short Lived Female Vocalist Still Hasn’t Been Paid

L.A. Guns’ Short Lived Female Vocalist Still Hasn’t Been Paid

September 21, 2014

In 2011 Tracii Guns shocked the hard rock community when he announced former ‘Rock Star Supernova’ contestant Dilana Robichaux would replace Jizzy Pearl as the vocalist in his version of L.A. Guns.

At the time Guns praised his decision of hiring a female vocalist by saying, “After an incredible amount of scrutiny and mixed opinions the final straw was her audition where she completely took control of the environment by injecting a type of soul into these old new songs that I have never heard before. It was an awakening of just how professional and soulful of a singer Dilana is.” However the pairing lasted less than three months, and the Tracii Guns led version of L.A. Guns would implode for good shortly after.

While promoting her latest solo album ‘Beautiful Monster’ Robichaux has finally revealed what happened between her and Tracii Guns. “I still haven’t been paid,” the singer recently told Big Music Geek. “He (Tracii Guns) asked me if I would pay for our hotel rooms on my credit card, which I did and he still hasn’t paid me back. I’ve never shared this before. This is truth. People keep asking and I’ve never told anyone because I don’t want to badmouth anybody. But these are the facts and this is the truth. …Those are the main reasons I could not stay in LA Guns.”

“He’ll pay you with old amps or old guitars,” Robichaux continues. “He left two crappy amps at my old manager’s place in Texas while we were on tour. When I quit the band, I asked for my money and he said ‘Oh, you can keep the amps’. Well, we put them on eBay and I didn’t even get one single hit on them because nobody wants those crappy old amps anyway. Everywhere I go around L.A., if I talk about it, somebody will go ‘Oh, yeah. He came and rehearsed at my rehearsal studio, didn’t pay, and said he left an old guitar there I could have’. So he leaves old gear behind and thinks that’s the way he’s going to pay people. There are tons of people walking around with Tracii’s old shitty gear. That’s really funny. Looking at that now, I can laugh about it, but at the time, it was very, very hurtful. I felt like I gave my everything and he basically treated me like a piece of crap. At the end of the day, Tracii and I have a very deep musical love for one another and I know this. He recently posted one of our videos on Twitter and said ‘Wow. I’ve never even seen this. It was so amazing’. I know that he still respects me as an artist and I respect him as a musician, but it’ll never work out for us. Never.”

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