L.A. Guns unleash video for new single “Get Along”

L.A. Guns unleash video for new single “Get Along”

Sunset Strip veteran rockers L.A. Guns consisting of frontman Phil Lewis, guitarists Tracii Guns and Ace Von Johnson, bassist Johnny Martin and drummer Scot Coogan have unleashed a video for their new single “Get Along” from their upcoming studio album Checkered Past, which will be available via Frontiers Music Srl on November 12, 2021.

Track List for Checkered Past:
o1. Cannonball
o2. Bad Luck Charm
o3. Living Right Now
o4. Get Along
o5. If It’s Over Now
o6. Better Than You
o7. Knock Me Down
o8. Dog
o9. Let You Down
10. That Ain’t Why
11. Physical Itch

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of L.A. Guns‘ last studio album The Devil You Know:

L.A. Guns seem to have transformed themselves into “Metal Guns” with their latest studio album The Devil You Know. Well, that seems to be the case at least with the two songs that got the video treatment for this new record, namely “Rage” and the title track. After releasing the critically acclaimed and well received album The Missing Peace (which finished at #1 on the Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top Albums of 2017), guitarist Tracii Guns and lead vocalist Phil Lewis apparently decided to get a tad heavier with their sound for their next record. I know that I’m likely in the minority here but I wasn’t totally enamoured with The Missing Peace. Although it was a good album and certainly a return to form, I also found it to be a bit of an inconsistent album with some real highs (“Speed”), two ballads (“Christine” and “The Flood’s The Fault of The Rain”) that seemed to be not one but two attempts at “The Ballad of Jayne” 2.0, and some average stuff at times.

The Devil You Know is a different beast. I’ve always liked my music a little heavier than what the Warrants and Poisons of the world might offer so I actually like The Devil You Know better than The Missing Peace. For one, The Devil You Know has a nice flow throughout the entire record while The Missing Peace sometimes felt like bits and pieces were thrown together with one song not necessarily flowing that nicely into another. Probably the sad part about The Devil You Know is that the best songs on the album appear to be getting ignored in terms of the record’s promotion.”

L.A. Guns‘ “Get Along” video: