La Chinga launch video for new single “Light It Up” from upcoming album ‘Primal Forces’

La Chinga launch video for new single “Light It Up” from upcoming album ‘Primal Forces’

Canadian rockers La Chinga consisting of bassist / vocalist Carl Spackler, drummer/vocalist Jay Solyom and guitarist / vocalist Ben Yardley have unveiled a video for their new single “Light It Up” from their upcoming studio album Primal Forces, which will be released via Ripple Music on October 6, 2023. It’s the first record for La Chinga since the release of Beyond The Sky back in 2018.

Track List for Primal Forces:
o1. Light It Up
o2. Ride The Dragon
o3. Bolt Of Lightning
o4. Backs To The Wall
o5. Witch’s Heart
o6. The Call
o7. Stars Fall From The Sky
o8. Electric Eliminator
o9. Rings of Power
10. Motor Boogie

Ripple Music‘s Bandcamp page indicates (with slight edits): “La Chinga is a hard rock power trio with psychedelic powers sitting on the world’s edge in Vancouver, Canada. Drawing from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, MC5, and their own superbad habits, the band has established a beachhead with Detroit’s Small Stone Records and a penetrating buzz across Canada.

Primal Forces” was written and recorded during the tumultuous times of riots, lockdowns and pandemic: a perfect ground for dystopian vibes to permeate the lyrics and album storyline. “The themes of love, sex, death, and hell in a handbasket, so why not go for it and go out with a bang are what drive this album to new territory for us,” says the band. The rock’n’roll is heavy, the riffs are flying and so is La Chinga. Madness, frustration, joy, terror and ecstasy all mingle in a rip-roaring fusion of electric hooks, hip-swaying grooves and choruses to be sung along til the world collapses!

La Chinga‘s “Light It Up” video: