La Chinga release video for “Killer Wizard”

La Chinga release video for “Killer Wizard”

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada based stoner rockers La Chinga have released a video for their new song “Killer Wizard” from their upcoming new studio album Beyond The Sky, which will be released via Small Stone Records on September 7, 2018.

Track List for Beyond The Sky:
01. Nothin’ That I Can’t Do
02. Wings Of Fire
03. Mama Boogie
04. Black River
05. Beyond The Sky
06. Keep On Rollin’
07. Killer Wizard
08. Death Rider
09. Feel It In My Bones
1o. H.O.W.
11. Warlords

La Chinga‘s “Killer Wizard” video:

La Chinga ‘Killer Wizard’

As above, so below. At precisely this time last year, a solar eclipse plunged an entire dying Empire into darkness. Above our heads right now, Mars hurtles like a revenge-hungry monster into a long and merciless retrograde. And in the city at the edge of the world-colloquially known as Vancouver-the Three Hosers of the Apocalypse ride again.