Laci Violett’s debut self-titled album just released

Laci Violett’s debut self-titled album just released

American glam metal rockers Laci Violett have just released their debut self-titled album, which can be purchased via the band’s website.

Track List for Laci Violett:
01. Hairspray Running Low
02. Snakebite
03. S.E.X. Life
04. Make The Volume Loud
05. I Don’t Go To School
06. Ring The Bell
07. USA Mania
08. Left For Dead
09. Outro

The group’s Biography on its website indicates: “Laci Violett began when Lizzy Lace and Eddie Bane met in 2017. The two shared a vision: one that involved loud music, excitement, and hairspray. They immediately began working on music and composed musical masterpieces such as “Hairspray Running Low”, “Make the Volume Loud”, and “S.E.X. Life”. Shortly afterwards, Laci Violett was formed and the long awaited debut album is out now!”

Teaser of Laci Violett’s debut self-titled album:

Laci Violett – Debut Album Teaser

Teaser of the Laci Violett self-titled album, available at: https://ww…