Lady Beast release album ‘The Early Collection’ which includes tracks from their first three records

Lady Beast release album ‘The Early Collection’ which includes tracks from their first three records

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA heavy metal rockers Lady Beast have released a compilation album titled The Early Collection, which includes tracks from their first three records Lady Beast (2012), Lady Beast II (2015) and Metal Immortal (2016). The Early Collection can be purchased on CD via Lady Beast‘s Bandcamp page.

Track List for The Early Collection:
01. Metal Martyr
02. The Devil’s Due
03. Lady of The Battle
04. Not This Time
05. Heavy Metal Destiny
06. We are The Witches
07. Bind The Runes
08. Caged Fury
09. Heroes of Our Time
10. Frost Giants Daughter
11. Forest of The Impaled
12. Lose To Win
13. Banshee
14. Lady Beast
15. Metal Rules
16. Lost Boys
17. Armor
18. Birthrite
19. When Desire Is Stronger Than Fear
20. Hot Pursuit
21. Go For The Bait
22. Ram It Down

Sleaze Roxx reviewed all three of Lady Beast‘s first records and stated the following in its reviews:

Lady Beast (2012) — “Old school baby — that is what Lady Beast is all about, plain and simple. From the opening chords of the Pittsburgh based band’s self-titled debut, you can hear the throwback metal feel and the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal influences — think early Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, and top it off with some Metallica circa Kill ‘Em All. It doesn’t really matter what influences you can garner from listening to Lady Beast, one thing is for certain — this album rocks from start to finish. What distinguishes Lady Beast from other NWOBHM groups is that they have a female lead vocalist — Deborah Levine — and a damn good one at that. This record transports me to the beautiful yet raw metal sounds of the early ’80s.”

Lady Beast II (2015) — “Lady Beast have come up with a more mature and consistent effort on their sophomore record in that there is a much better flow and same type of feel across all the songs on this album compared to their self-titled debut record. Some of the old school classic metal guitar riffs and melodies on Lady Beast II may just well bring you to a crescendo type climax because they are so damn good.”

Metal Immortal (2016) — “If I did not know any better, I would say that Lady Beast are sounding more and more like classic early Iron Maiden with their music. However, this is the third album in a row that Lady Beast‘s music sounds awfully close to early Iron Maiden so perhaps rather than continuing to state that they sound like the mighty Maiden, it’s time to give credit where credit is due and simply state that Lady Beast have mastered the art of amazing dual guitar heavy metal harmonies reminiscent of the most successful New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands.”

Lady Beast‘s “Heavy Metal Destiny” song:

LADY BEAST – ‘Heavy Metal Destiny’ (OFFICIAL)

Single off of upcoming second album Lady Beast II, out soon!!