Lady Beast to release new EP ‘Omens’ on September 3rd

Lady Beast to release new EP ‘Omens’ on September 3rd

Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, USA based heavy metal rockers Lady Beast consisting of lead vocalist Deborah Levine, lead guitarist Andy Ramage, rhythm guitarist Chris Tritschler, bassist Amy Bianco and drummer Adam Ramage will be releasing their new EP Omens via Reaper Metal Productions on September 3, 2021. The EP can be pre-ordered via Reaper Metal Productions‘ website.

Track List for Omens EP:
01. The Poisoned Path
02. Reaper
03. Blood For Blood
04. Kill The King
05. A Fool’s Journey

Reaper Metal Productions‘ press release indicates (with slight edits):

Omens sprinkles a dust on The Poisoned Path from which Lady Beast summit. The fools journey began a decade and beyond when the birthrite was founded. A vicious breed sealed the hex for what was to be the gift of metal immortal. The heroes of our time made a distinct objective that Heavy Metal is destiny and here we lie a quartet, 4 new songs amidst a classic, a cover of Rainbow ‘Kill the King’. When desire is stronger than fear, the Reaper comes and takes you away. Reveal the runes of rust to beware their Omens.”

Lady Beast‘s “Reaper” video: