Lady Beast unleash new single “Runes of Rust” from upcoming album ‘The Vulture’s Amulet’

Lady Beast unleash new single “Runes of Rust” from upcoming album ‘The Vulture’s Amulet’

Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, USA based heavy metal rockers Lady Beast consisting of lead vocalist Deborah Levine, lead guitarist Andy Ramage, rhythm guitarist Chris Tritschler, bassist Greg Colaizzi and drummer Adam Ramage have released a second single titled “Runes of Rust” from their upcoming fifth studio album (including EPs) The Vulture’s Amulet, which will be available via Reaper Metal Productions on April 3, 2020.

Lady Beast‘s new album is available for pre-order via the group’s Bandcamp page.

The following message was posted in part on Lady Beast‘s Facebook page earlier today (with slight edits):

“It’s surreal releasing and promoting an album during this time of hysteria, quarantine and sadness/struggle. A lot of people have been affected by not only the virus but by financial hits and fear due to unpredictable futures….my heart especially with the elderly and the children who rely on care/shelter from schools and volunteers. Please help each other when you can and donate and provide for others if you have more than you need.

Besides buying merch and donating to people we have seen struggle along this journey so far….we are releasing another single off our album today to help distract and encourage everyone to stay inside and stay safe. It’s called “Runes of Rust” and will be up on the Reaper Metal Productions YouTube channel today!! Like in the days of old, music has always been a way to bring us together!”

Lady Beast‘s “Runes of Rust” single:

LADY BEAST “Runes of Rust” [Heavy Metal Band Song 2020]

Lady Beast are a heavy metal band from Pittsburgh. Runes of Rust is a song from their upcoming 2020 album ‘The Vulture’s Amulet’Pre-Order ‘The Vulture’s Amul…