Lady Crimson band members back together on stage after almost two year absence

Lady Crimson band members back together on stage after almost two year absence

Back in February 2017, Lady Crimson announced that they were looking to replace half the band as drummer James Shelverton and guitarist Danny Keith had left the band.

No replacements were ever announced but on June 30, 2018, Lady Crimson were scheduled to play at The Brisbane Hotel in Hobart, Tasmania.

It appears that Shelverton and Keith were back in the line-up joining lead vocalist / bassist Kyle Crimson and guitarist Josh Leslie at the recent June 30th gig as Tyrant and Roadkill singer Neil Wilson attested in the following Facebook message earlier today:

“Great to see LADY CRIMSON back in the saddle last night after 2 years!

The lads (Kyle, Mags, Danny and Shelvo) haven’t lost any of their grunt, showmanship and they didn’t miss a beat and still kick like a mother…… – it was a great night!”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Lady Crimson‘s debut EP Live Against the Grain!: “Lady Crimson are definitely rough around the edges, as this Australian band is obviously more concerned with creating music than fiddling with a computer to achieve crystal clear production. That is partly what makes Live Against The Grain! such an ’80s throwback, both in sound and feel — and may also explain the album’s moniker. Just like Ratt circa 1983, Lady Crimson power forward with killer riffs and a unique and unconventional frontman. While the album as a whole isn’t a Ratt rip-off, the similarities between the two are very pronounced during “Take Me Screaming” — especially thanks to the crunchy guitars.”

Lady Crimson performing live at The Brisbane Hotel in Hobart, Tasmania back on October 10, 2015:

Lady Crimson Brisbane Hotel Hobart 10/10/15

Lady Crimson absolutely smashing it at Brisbane Hotel Hobart last night at Metal United Down Under gig. Great work with this promotion Neil Wilson !!!!!