Laroxx Debut To Get Reissued In Late Spring


February 5, 2009

Heart Of Steel Records ( is very pleased to announce the release on CD (for the very first time!) of Glam/Street Hard Rockers LAROXX debut album, originally out, only on cassette, during 1992.

The foursome from Padova, Italy, was back then featuring bass-player Simon Dredo (now with The LoveCrave) and top singer Kelly Grey. Laroxx sound samples can be found at

The album was originally recorded for a release in USA and Japan thru a major-label, and a promotional tour in the States (prior of the announced release) was set up, with gigs played at famous “Troubador”, “Foundation Forum” and “F.M. Station” in L.A.

Unfortunately things went bad, as the label supposed to release the album suddenly dropped the offer, so the band found itself with a great (and expensive!) album in its hands without a label ready to release it.

The album has a pure Party-Glam-Street Rock sound, close to US bands like Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd and Motley Crue.

The Cd will come out, as usual, with a de-luxe full colour 16 pages booklet, including pics, memorabilia, full lyrics, and a biography of the band, plus a fully remastered sound from the original master-tapes.

“Laroxx” is due for a release worldwide late spring 2009.

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