Last Bullet calling it quits and to play last show on January 27th

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Last Bullet calling it quits and to play last show on January 27th

Sad news as one of Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s best live bands — Last Bullet — is calling it quits after nine years and three EPs, Last Bullet (2011), Love.Lust.Illusion (2012) and 80-69-64 (2017). Last Bullet‘s concerts have for the most part been absolutely stellar, which caused Sleaze Roxx to declare the band to be “The best live act from Toronto” in its review of a February 2015 show during which Sleaze Roxx also stated:

Photo by G3 Designs Photography

“There are many great live bands that emanate from the Toronto area, and not to take anything away from any of them, but I think out of the ones I have witnessed to date Last Bullet are the best. To close, I am going to borrow the eloquent and succinct words from my friend Eduardo and state that Last Bullet‘s live performance at The Hub left me, “super-impressed”.”

The announcement comes roughly seven months after Last Bullet promised “New music, new show, new merch, new everything…” and six months after the release of the group’s last EP 80-69-64, which drew criticism from Sleaze Roxx who stated in its review:

“I get that bands evolve musically but to be honest, I have disliked the musical direction that Last Bullet have been taking for some time. Whenever I have seen Last Bullet play live in the last three years, I have always enjoyed their older material way more and frankly internally hoped that they wouldn’t play their new songs aside from “Southern Lips” and “Little Miss Filthy.”

Rather than the catchy melodies and witty lyrics that were so prevalent on the first self-titled EP or the heavier AC/DC like (at times) rhythm filled tunes on the band’s sophomore EP Love.Lust.Illusion, Last Bullet have decided to channel more ’90s era slower styled music. Gone are the great melodies and mesmerizing but simple guitar riffs, and in are slower plodding type songs with melancholic modern sounding guitars and a real lack of melodies.”

The following message was posted on Last Bullet‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“This is the end.

As much as it pains us to say this, our upcoming show on January 27th at The Horseshoe Tavern, will be the last time you see Last Bullet on stage together.

For nearly nine years we’ve grinded to make a name for ourselves in this grueling and unforgiving industry. We’ve bled, cried, yelled and fought for this band, we’ve toured from Whistler to Halifax, and we’ve spent an absurd amount of money on recording, filming, marketing and touring in the process.

We’ve made sacrifice after sacrifice to get to where we are, we’ve strived for perfection or the closest thing to it in everything that we’ve done, we’ve never compromised who we were and we put everything we had into our music and performances. We’ve always had faith and confidence in ourselves and truly believed that all of our efforts would eventually open some doors, but there comes a point when you can only wait so long for those doors to open while you sacrifice so much that it begins to take a toll on you.

The last couple of years have been exhausting and frustrating. The stress has begun to zap the fun out of everything for us. But we’re thankful for every lesson, skill and experience the journey has given us. We were lucky enough to play for thousands, share stages with not only good friends but some of our favorite bands of all time, we traveled across this beautiful country on multiple occasions and experienced all that it has to offer, we got to be a part of Canadian history, break world records, sell out legendary venues and accomplish so many more great things while meeting so many amazing people along the way.

We honest to God absolutely love rock and roll music, and we tried to do something different by filling every song we have with as much filth, feeling and fire as humanly possible. We started this band from a shared passion for music, and to this day we can say that nothing was more exciting than writing our own and playing it live for our fans. Seeing you dance, jump and scream our lyrics back to us made for some of the most memorable moments of our lives. If Last Bullet were a muscle car, your energy was the high octane fuel that propelled us to greatness. The crazier you got, the more insane we became. You were the source of our power.

There are far too many people to thank and it would be impossible to list you all, so we’ll say this… We are proud of everything this band has done, we’re proud of who we are, how far we’ve come and we want to thank all of you so fucking much with every inch of our hearts for supporting us and making us a part of your lives all these years.

We love you all dearly and the love you’ve shown us in return will be with us forever. The passion you have for our music will be the source of inspiration for everything we do in life going forward. Thank you for the drinks, the smiles, the jokes, the dancing, the mosh pits, the hugs, the kisses, the compliments, the beds, the beers, the meals, photos, videos, gifts, recordings and every single memory you gave us.

With every ounce of love we have to give… Thank you.

Bryan, Brenden, Michael, Chris and Will

Last Bullet‘s “Forget The Rest” (from Love.Lust.Illusion EP) video:

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