Last Bullet Launch Official “Forget The Rest” Video

Last Bullet Launch Official “Forget The Rest” Video

July 30, 2013

Hot on the heels of their 2012 album ‘Love.Lust.Illusion.’, Last Bullet release their first official music video for the single “Forget The Rest”.

Drawing from a solid foundation of Southern, Blues and L.A.-styled rock influences, Last Bullet have managed to form a sound that is completely unique to and unheard of in the Toronto rock scene. Both of their studio albums — the self-titled ‘Last Bullet EP’ and ‘Love.Lust.Illusion.’ — were engineered by talented new producer Chris Snow (Cancer Bats, Comeback Kid, Hello Beautiful) and mastered by Harem Scarem frontman Harry Hess at Vespa Studios.

In a recent interview Last Bullet frontman Bryan Fontez told Sleaze Roxx, “The owner of Vespa Music Studios, ironically enough, if you know hair metal, is a Canadian artist named Harry Hess and he’s the lead singer of Harem Scarem from back in the day, which is really funny. So he took our producer Chris Snow under his wing, kind of, and taught him a few things. We recorded (the album) there and it took us about two to three weeks to do. There’s seven tracks on it but there’s only really six songs, one of them is just kind of an intro track. We always like to put some sort of slow balladry song on there so there’s a song called “Love Song To Rock” at the end of it. Then there’s lots of really cool riffs — it’s very bluesy, very fun and energetic — there’s a little bit of everything on it for any type of rock fan.”

Both albums can be bought directly from the band at

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