Last Bullet release new song “Gimme Time” from upcoming new album ’80-69-64′

Last Bullet release new song “Gimme Time” from upcoming new album ’80-69-64′

Canadian hard rockers Last Bullet have released a new single entitled “Gimme Time” from their upcoming new studio album 80-69-64, which will be available starting at the group’s show at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on June 17, 2017.

You can listen to Last Bullet‘s new single “Gimme Time” by going to their newly designed website

The group’s Bio on its website states in part:

Last Bullet live and die by the metaphor of a name that has served them well; play every show as if they have only one shot.

Multiple national tours and festivals, winners and nominees of several awards, countless television and radio features, part of Canadian hockey history, sharing the stage with countless bands like Aerosmith, Soundgarden, Jane’s Addiction, Bryan Adams, Styx, Slash, Buckcherry, Monster Truck and more. Last Bullet has used the last eight years to accomplish all of the above while completely self-managed, self-distributed, self-directed, self-written, self-marketed and ultimately… Self-made.

Last Bullet takes great pride in knowing exactly what it takes to get asses shaking, fists pumping and heads banging. Praised for their electrifying live performances, this is a band on a mission filled with conviction, forged by a deep passion to become the very embodiment of rock n’ roll itself. From their perspective, the pursuit of a career in music is akin to war. The stage is a battlefield, leather is their armour, instruments their weapons, music their ammo and failure the enemy.

With the sole purpose of re-igniting a market almost completely devoid of swagger and attitude, this Toronto-based quintet have independently blazed a path of their own by embracing the blood, sweat and tears necessary to succeed. This success has been achieved by repeatedly holding themselves accountable for giving fans every ounce of their souls on stage.

The very integrity of the band and their live show relies on this self-imposed creed:

Every song will sound better than it does on the album, every time.
Every note will be performed with charisma, emotion and intensity.
Every dollar of every ticket will be earned in sweat, effort and passion.
Every single fan will be thanked and appreciated every time, every show.
Nothing is ever good enough. Always strive for perfection and NEVER plateau.

With the release of their dynamic new album titled “80-69-64” the band has never been more proud of their work, nor felt more genuinely optimistic about the future of their music and career….”