Last Bullet to tour the East coast of Canada for the first time

Last Bullet to tour the East coast of Canada for the first time

Canadian hard rockers, Last Bullet, have announced that they will be doing a tour that includes the East coast of Canada.

Last Bullet made the following announcement today on their Facebook page in that regard:

Last Bullet tour poster“SURPRISE! WE’RE GOING ON TOUR!

If you live on the east coast, the LAST BULLET: SINISTOUR is coming to a city near you! Check it out…

May 3rd – The Hideout Toronto – Canadian Music Week
May 6th – Sew Hungry – Hamilton, Ontario w/ 97.7 HTZ-FM
May 7th – Mavericks – Ottawa, Ontario
May 9th – Baba’s Lounge – Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
May 11th – Menz & Mollyz Bar – Halifax, Nova Scotia
May 12th – Menz & Mollyz Bar – Halifax, Nova Scotia
May 13th – Uncle G’s The Spot to Be – Sussex, New Brunswick
May 14th – The Old Warehouse Cafe and Lounge – Amherst, Nova Scotia

Spread the word! Tell your friends, family and fellow rockers! Now’s the time for you east coasters to see us live. Let’s party!”

Back in September and October 2014, Last Bullet did a comprehensive tour of the West coast of Canada which consisted of 26 gigs in 30 days. In an interview with Sleaze Roxx in January 2015, Last Bullet‘s frontman Bryan Fontez provided a candid view of the highs and lows of that tour:

“I’d say the number one highlight would be figuring out what to do and what not to do the next time we go on tour. We had a lot of good experiences, we met a lot of cool people, and there was some networking. It was one of our first tours and we kind of just jumped on it at the last second because another band had booked the shows and they needed an additional support — so that’s what ended up happening. Without going into too much detail and complicating it, things got a little bit — what’s the word I’m looking for — complicated on tour. One of the other bands that we were playing with lost a member during the tour so we had to improvise and find ways around it. It wasn’t originally our tour but it did become ours — we took it by the horns and led the rest of the tour. It happened very early on so it pretty much ended up being our tour and we had to make and salvage what we could of it. We just figured we took the time off and we were already out there so we played, I think, 26 shows in 30 days which is pretty hefty — but it was a lot of fun.

Last Bullet group photoHard nights, easy nights, fun nights, depressing nights… but there’s a few moments where it got really, really tough. The thing that I think was the biggest highlight was getting to see this country because I don’t think any of us had been west of Ontario. We didn’t realize how gorgeous Canada was, especially when we hit Alberta and British Columbia. I would say experience was a highlight — definitely learning from our mistakes, from things we should and shouldn’t do, and building character overall because there were so many times where we were sitting here looking at the situation we were in and laughing. We were just telling each other this is going to be really funny in 10 years — this is going to be a story, so there you go.”

In terms of the lows, Fontez stated:

“I don’t like dwelling in the negative (laughs) but you know what, these are the things that bands go through. It was our very first tour so there were some shows where there was nobody there — there were literally no human beings at the show except for the staff. But the one low point of the tour I would say that really built the most character for us — and we really tried to look at it as being a positive because we think to ourselves if we can go through this then we can deal with anything — was driving between the city of Jasper in Alberta and Whistler in B.C. I believe it was something crazy, like a 10 or 14 hour drive through the mountains, and we chose to just drive it straight with pretty much no breaks. We drove and got there at about 7:00 pm and we had just enough time to get set up. We set up all of our own stuff and we had to set up our own P.A. system that we have on the trailer with us and do all of our own sound. That took hours and then literally there was nobody there. There was a bartender, and so we played a show for ourselves and the other bartender and I told the guys, “Guys, you have to make the best out of it.”

So we got there and we didn’t even get to see what Whistler was like because it was all foggy and dark. We got there at 7:00 or 8:00 pm and it was off-season so there was nobody. It wasn’t snowy yet, it was September so there wasn’t anybody there enjoying the chalets or any of the hills or anything — so we played for nobody. I told the band, “This is a glorified practice so let’s just pretend this is the Air Canada Centre [in Toronto, Ontario, Canada] and it’s sold out and let’s just give this bartender the best show they’ve ever seen in their life.” So we did the best job that we could — we put on a good show and the other band played, we cheered them on, drank as much alcohol as we could, and enjoyed the set. Then we got about three or four hours of sleep and had to leave in the morning because the drive was so far, since we had to go back to Calgary which is an additional 10 to 14 hours — so we left at four in the morning after playing a show. So to be honest with you, the reason why it was so depressing is (a) the drive there and back was very tedious, long and draining; (b) we did all of that work and played for literally no one; and, (c) we never even got to see Whistler. I literally couldn’t tell you what it looks like. I can tell you what our hotel looks like — it was beautiful — but I can’t tell you whatsoever what Whistler looked like — we didn’t see anything. It was foggy and pitch black and that was pretty depressing. So yeah, that’s about it.”

Last Bullet continue to be one of the most consistently exciting bands that Sleaze Roxx has seen live. Sleaze Roxx stated in its last concert review featuring Last Bullet: “As usual, Last Bullet put on a fantastic performance cementing what I would think would be their reputation as one of the premier hard rock live acts in the greater Toronto area and beyond.”

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