Last classic line-up Dokken show ended with Lynch and Don Dokken almost in a fight

Last classic line-up Dokken show ended with Lynch and Don Dokken almost in a fight

By now, most Sleaze Roxx readers should know that the classic Dokken line-up of singer Don Dokken, guitarist George Lynch, bassist Jeff Pilson and drummer “Wild” Mick Brown are reuniting for seven shows this fall consisting of one in the United States of America and six in Japan.

Jeff Pilson photoPilson was recently interviewed by My Global Mind and spoke about the last show that the foursome did together as Dokken: “The last show with the four original guys would have been in 1997 when we were playing with Alice Cooper. It ended on a horrible note! It ended up with George and Don almost getting into a fight on the bus with George’s son having to come between them. It got nasty and ugly; it was very unfortunate. That show was how we parted ways at the end of the 90s. In 2009 [I believe] Lynch Mob was opening up for Dokken in Orange County so George and I got up on stage with Dokken and did a few songs with them. That was kind of when we were talking about a reunion; it went through a lot of phases where nothing really came about until now. What worked out so well this time is Dokken is working around Foreigner’s touring schedule. It was an offer that we couldn’t say no to.”

Pilson was also asked what his favorite time or era was when he was in Dokken to which he replied (with slight edit): “I have a couple. The whole Tooth and Nail writing process and tour was magical for me. I was new in the band and instantly established a bond with George as we spent a lot of time working on the CD. It’s a lifelong bond. The band was really hungry and there was a healthy competition. It was a positive experience all round. The Dio tour that followed was great, we really turned from boys to men on that tour. George and I would watch Dio every night as they were amazing every night. It was a wonderful experience. Another favorite was the tour we did with Aerosmith in 1987-88. They were great and we were at the peak of being a live band. I saw bootlegs of those shows and though we were great plus our popularity was big and the place was packed when we were on stage.”

With respect to the new song that Pilson and Lynch have been working on for the band to play at its reunion shows, Pilson stated: “It definitely sounds like Dokken, but with a little something new to it. It’s not grungy like Dysfunctional. Its classic Dokken maybe Tooth and Nail era. Its heavy but we don’t have vocals or the vocal melody as of yet. That could always cause other changes.”

You can read the entire interview at My Global Mind.