Late ’80s era rockers Succsexx’s unreleased recordings now available via FnA Records

Late ’80s era rockers Succsexx’s unreleased recordings now available via FnA Records

Toronto, Ontario, Canada based rockers Succsexx‘s unreleased recordings are seeing the light of day via FnA Records on an album titled Sexx Machine.

FnA Records‘ website indicates (with slight edits):

Succsexx is a Toronto based rock quintet that got their start on Halloween night in 1987 at the famed Toronto nightclub Heaven. The ’87 lineup featured members from Toronto bands Coney Hatch, Harlot and Arson. Shortly after the inaugural performance the line-up evolved into their mainstay membership featuring Saxx Creed (vocals), Gypsy LaRose (guitar), Michael McV (guitar), Justin Zane (bass) and Johnny Rude (drums).

As the group’s live stage show, equal parts camp-glam and zany matured, Succsexx built a loyal and strong following with headline engagements at Toronto venues El Mocambo, Lee’s Palace, Masonic Temple, The Diamond Club and Rock ‘N’ Roll Heaven. When Heaven underwent its transformation to Rock ‘N’ Roll Heaven, Succsexx appeared regularly at the legendary venue known for its steady presentation of international “hair metal” superstars.

Courted by several Canadian record labels, Succsexx never signed with a major label.

A self-financed demo session resulted in 17 recordings which have remained “in the can” and unreleased. The band only released four tracks on an indie cassette and was one of the bands where fans clamoured for more, but thought nothing else existed. Come along FnA Records and 13 tracks were brought to the surface…and here we go…an album called Sexx Machine. While you can hear many influences, the tracks are extremely diverse bringing to mind ’70s era KISS, Faster Pussycat, Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, and New York Dolls.

Succsexx was a funky, gritty and down and dirty rock ‘n’ roll at its best. Give their long awaited 2020 release a listen, and let the music do the talking.”

You can purchase Succsexx‘s album Sexx Machine at FnA Records‘ website.

Succsexx‘s “Sexx Machine” video: