Late Boston Singer’s Volkswagon Goes On Sale For Charity


September 11, 2008

Brad Delp’s 2003 VW Beetle Auction Announced Available September 11 to September 21, 2008 on EBay – Net Proceeds to Benefit Charity

The late singer Brad Delp was a devoted Beatles fan and when he wasn’t performing with his band, BOSTON, he could often be seen around his home in New Hampshire performing with his Beatles cover band, BeatleJuice.

Delp’s devotion to the music of the Beatles band carried over to his motor vehicle of choice. He was the proud owner of one Volkswagen Beetle that he later upgraded to a newer model.

Brad’s 2003 VW Beetle, along with his home and other belongings, was given in his will to Pat Komor. Brad and Pat were together for six years in the 1990’s, and were engaged to be married. Following their amicable parting, Mr. Delp and Ms. Komor remained very close in the years after they were together.

The years they spent together were very special to Pat, and she hopes this auction will honor Brad’s memory and his desire to give back. After expenses, Ms. Komor plans to give the net proceeds to one or more charities and causes that Brad Delp was known to support during his lifetime.

Pat believes that Brad would have enjoyed the idea of selling the car to one of his fans, because he had such a deep appreciation for his fans. No matter how tired Brad was, or what he was doing, he made time for any fans that approached him.

Bid now:
Beginning Thursday, September 11, 2008 AT 7AM Eastern Time, the auction will be active on eBay and can be reached by entering “Brad Delp” as a search term at

The auction ends on September 21, 2008 7am

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