Lawdy’s ‘Outlaw Invasion’ reissued 27 years later by Demon Doll Records

Lawdy’s ‘Outlaw Invasion’ reissued 27 years later by Demon Doll Records

Great news for fans of German rockers Lawdy as the group’s debut album Outlaw Invasion has been reissued by Demon Doll Records. Lawdy released two albums — Outlaw Invasion (1990) and No Chance For Mercy (1992) — during their time.

Demon Doll Records‘ website states (with slight edits):

“Oh Lawdy!

Demon Doll and Metal Legacy Records have teamed up with Lawdy to reissue their epic 1990 release ‘Outlaw Invasion’ – completely remastered and ready to destroy!

If you have not heard of Lawdy, get ready…these guys can bring the noise!!

Simply put, they are a Heavy/Hair Metal machine, Locked and loaded with one killer track after another, the band is tight, the guitar playing shreds and the vocals are stellar. Prepare for the invasion with absolute delight.

Dig into the smokin’ lead song “Rock ‘N’ Roll Crazy” and sprint to the nearest oxygen tank to try and catch your breath. Check out the radio smash “What Love Means” and see how long it takes you to get this song out of your head. Feel the pulse of the double bass drum attack (that would make Tommy Lee proud) on the sing along anthem “High On Love” as well as the sweet serenades of the excellent ballad “Heart & Soul”. Those 4 songs alone are worth the price of admission but there is plenty more where that came from – but we’ll let you go on the sonic adventure that Lawdy has laid out with immaculate precision.

This is a great band and a great album and after 27 years it has been repackaged, remastered by Lance V. and comes with a full set of lyrics in an eight page booklet.

This is highly addictive and highly recommended listening, get your copy today – you will not be disappointed!

This CD is silver pressed, officially licensed from the band and exclusively available from Demon Doll Records.”

You can purchase Lawdy‘s Outlaw Invasion directly from Demon Doll Records.

Track List for Outlaw Invasion:
01. Rock N Roll Crazy
02. What Loves Means
03. Boys Wanna Rock
04. High On Love
05. Heart & Soul
06. Tough Guys Don’t Dance
07. Never Surrender
08. Break It Up
09. Rock You To The Ground
10. Hiroshima
11. Nocturne (Instrumental)
12. Never Say Die
13. Shake Me

Lawdy‘s “What Loves Mean” (from reissued Outlaw Invasion) song:

Lawdy – What Love Means (Outlaw Invasion 2017 Reissue) First single from the 2017 reissue from LAWDY ‘Outlaw Invasion’