Lead vocalist Mif open to Slash Puppet band members reuniting for a few shows or a tour

Lead vocalist Mif open to Slash Puppet band members reuniting for a few shows or a tour

Slash Puppet frontman Mif was recently interviewed by Mark St. John for BallBuster Music. Mif was promoting Slash Puppet‘s recently released compilation album Studs & Gems. Slash Puppet previously released the EPs, The Demo (1993) and Slash Puppet (1993), as well as the album No Strings Attached (2007). Studs & Gems can be ordered via Mif Entertainment.

Track List for Studs & Gems:
01. When The Whip Comes Down
02. Rippin’ On A Wishbone
03. Eyes of A Child
04. Evil Woman
05. Hard On Love
06. Stop Tellin’ Me Lies
07. Hitch A Ride (On A Train)
08. Slow Down
09. Squeeze It In
10. Overload
11. Stranger Danger (Live)

During the interview with BallBuster Music, Mif explained how Studs & Gems was released for the band’s fans. Mif indicated: “Even after all these years, interest in Slash Puppet has continued to linger, and somehow the band and our music continues to resonate in its own cult-like way with many people throughout the world! So much so, that our original CDs continue to sell for top buck online making it quite unaffordable for many who wish to purchase our music. By releasing this compilation we hope to make it easier for these same fans to have some of our very best songs to enjoy once again.”

In terms of the rumours of a possible Slash Puppet reunion show with the remaining band members Frank Bartoletti (guitar), Franklin Wylse (drums), Pete Dove (bass) and Dave Carreiro (bass), Mif stated: “I am and always have been a never say never kind of guy, and if the opportunity ever arises where the members of Slash Puppet wanted to try and get back together for a few shows or a tour, I would welcome it! My idea in fact has always been to involve all the members who were in the band (including both bassists) as I have no problem whatsoever of jumping back up on stage with any of those guys or variation thereof. No animosity or issues exists towards them on my part.”

Slash Puppet‘s “Slow Down” video: