Leather Duchess announce North American tour dates and Kickstarter campaign to raise touring funds

Leather Duchess announce North American tour dates and Kickstarter campaign to raise touring funds

Los Angeles, California, USA rockers Leather Duchess consisting of frontman Tyler Heath, guitarist Marc Edgar, bassist Colton Seaver and drummer Jake Wolf have announced dates for their Fatal Moon Tour 2023 across North America in support of their sophomore album Fatal Moon, which was released via Revolt Records back on November 21, 2022. The group has also started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the tour. As of press time for this article, Leather Duchess had raised $1,000 (in Canadian dollars) of their $2,671 goal (in Canadian dollars).

Leather DuchessKickstarter campaign indicates:

Leather Duchess is hitting the road!

This summer we are embarking on our first US tour in support of our brand new record “Fatal Moon“. This is a 5 week run that goes from coast to coast. In order to make this work, we need your help! As everyone knows; the cost of travel is pretty intense. The upfront cost of securing a vehicle and just getting the tour started on the road is quite a hurtle. Yes, we could do another weekend run of dates here and there but we are at a point now where the only logical choice is to take this show on the road for a full fledged tour. Your help on this kickstarter will allow us to successfully make this work. Thank you all!

Risks and challenges

This 5 week tour has a ton of upfront costs. These costs include securing the touring vehicle, the initial gas cost, and all the upfront deposits. This tour has been a dream of ours for a very long time. This is a major risk, but we are ready to take it! With your help, we can make this happen and gives us the ability to tour again for the next album!

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Leather DuchessFatal Moon Kickstarter video:

In a recent interview with Sleaze Roxx, Heath was asked what keeps the Leather Duchess band members going because it didn’t seem that it was for monetary rewards. Heath replied: “We absolutely do not do it for the money. I can tell you that. Yup. It is tough! It’s always been tough to make a living as a musician. It’s certainly more difficult now to make it playing the style of music that we are. Yeah, it’s nothing but a devout love for it. We all love it.

Obviously, we could all probably get more mainstream success if we played a different style but we’re not really interested in that. I remember Jason McMaster saying in an interview one time — he was talking about us — ‘Yeah man, they’re doing that style. They’re not going to let anyone tell them that they can’t.’ It’s kind of true. Just like, yeah, it’s what we want to do. Some people laugh at it. We’ve heard all the shit talk — ‘Stop bringing back the ’80s.’ ‘That stuff died for a reason.’ We’ve been called third rate Guns N’ Roses and all that shit. It’s what we like. We love this stuff. Interestingly enough, we didn’t set out to emulate that style, at leasts consciously at the beginning. it’s kind of like, we’re writing songs and this is what is coming out. That’s what rock n’ roll sounds like to us. It’s certainly more deliberate now but in the beginning, it really wasn’t. It was, ‘This is what our band sounds like.’ It was a pretty natural thing at the beginning.”

Leather Duchess‘ “White Leather” video (from Fatal Moon album):