Lee Aaron feels that “Metal Queen” has been kind of a blessing and a curse

Lee Aaron feels that “Metal Queen” has been kind of a blessing and a curse

Canadian female rocker Lee Aaron was recently interviewed on the Vintage Rock Pod podcast.

It was noted to Lee Aaron that she broke big with the single “Metal Queen” and the album of the same name, both of which were released back in 1984, and that name has stuck with her ever since.

Lee Aaron indicated (as provided by Vintage Rock Pod): “Yeah it’s kind of been a blessing and a curse! I went through a period in my career where I was very anti-Metal Queen. I didn’t even want to play the song. I’ll tell you the reason why. In terms of public perception of me and who I was as an artist, I think the uber rock fans that really really got it saw that video and image as what it was initially meant to be which was a symbol of female empowerment, a symbol of good triumphing over evil. So the uber fans got it.

But for a lot of the other public, the perception was that I was this hard rocking chick, that was the lifestyle I was leading, that I was all about swords and loin cloths and metal and bikers. My actual life couldn’t have been further from the truth. I was a very serious musician, I wrote my own songs, I was involved in the production of most of my own records and in fact I’ve produced every one of my own albums since the year 2000.

I was just upset with the public perception baggage that went with that image and I was trying to distance myself from it. Nowadays I’d like to think the world has come full circle and that doesn’t exist any more. I’ve been encouraged to wear the crown with pride.”

In terms of what her plans are in the coming year, Lee Aaron stated: “I just finished mixing a new album for 2021, it’s coming out in late spring of this year. I’ve just finished mixing it with Mike Fraser, he just mixed the new AC/DC album. He’s an incredible talent. I was so thrilled to be able to work with him. And we have him on the horizon to make the [next] Lee Aaron album too.

So this album is finished, we’re just in the process of signing a deal and it’s slated for late spring, I think we’re looking at late May or early June. And we’re writing songs for a 2022 album – what else are we gonna do right now?!

And I’m working on my memoirs as well, so there’s a book on the horizon, hopefully in the not too distant future!”

Lee Aaron‘s “Metal Queen” video (from the album Metal Queen):