Lee Aaron recalls how she ended up claiming bankruptcy due to the grunge movement

Lee Aaron recalls how she ended up claiming bankruptcy due to the grunge movement

The “Metal Queen” Lee Aaron was recently interviewed by Jimmy Kay of Canada’s The Metal Voice and she spoke about many topics including her new album Diamond Baby Blues and the impact of the grunge movement on her career.

With respect to her bankruptcy in the grunge era, Lee Aaron stated (as transcribed by The Metal Voice with slight edits): “When grunge came along it kind of sidelined everybody career and that was a really tough time and I continued to make new music. But previous to that my manager and lawyer talked me into to go independent, my own label. I borrowed almost a half a million dollars and then grunge came along and I was 400.000 dollars in debt. So I had to decide to go If I should  go bankrupt and start fresh or do I spend the next ten years of my life to make music to pay off debts which is not inspiring. So I went bankrupt and it was like the Phoenix rising from the ashes for me.”

In regard to her new album Diamond Baby Blues, Lee Aaron advised: “I guess because of the 80’s challenges, I still write songs of  empowerment, so Diamond Baby Blues, the new album of mine, that song in particular “Diamond Baby” — it’s a song about rising above obstacles and the fact that we are all diamonds in the raw and we all need to uncover our personal power.”

When asked about the song “Metal Queen”, Lee Aaron stated: “I throw the terms metal around loosely what’s metal to one person is different to another. I consider myself to be more in the melodic rock with big guitars. So the song “Metal Queen” was a very melodic song , with a strong chorus. I think it was more the fact that I wrote a song called “Metal Queen”, that label was put upon me.”

Interview with Lee Aaron with The Metal Voice:

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