Lee Aaron reminisces on 30th year anniversary of the release of ‘BodyRock’ album

Lee Aaron reminisces on 30th year anniversary of the release of ‘BodyRock’ album

Canadian female rocker Lee Aaron‘s album BodyRock was released 30 years ago and the female vocalist posted a message today via Facebook reminiscing about the record. BodyRock reached platinum status in Canada.

Track List for BodyRock:
01. Nasty Boyz
02. Yesterday
03. Gotta Thing For You
04. Rock Candy
05. Tough Girls Don’t Cry
06. Sweet Talk
07. Rock The Hard Way
08. Shame
09. Whatcha Do To My Body
10. Hands On
11. Rebel Angel
12. How Deep

The following message was posted on Lee Aaron‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“This weekend marks the 30 year anniversary of the BodyRock album. Wow. Where does the time go? Here we are, 30 years later, having lived through the trials, tribulations and joys of our crazy lives and we are still standing and still loving the music that is dear to our souls. When I listen to this CD it brings back such great memories of being 20- something and feeling like I could transform and uplift hearts and minds with the power of music. Tough Girls Don’t Cry, Yesterday and How Deep…not ‘singles,’ but some of the deeper cuts, folks still tell me are their favorites. This is what inspires me to keep making new music today – knowing that THAT music was meaningful to people. We have another new, all-original album coming your way in 2020, a handful of super cool tunes we got together in a room and wrote in 2 days. Yup. 2 days…and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Our vision: put on our 18 year old hats (that part was easy!) and woodshed a bunch of material with no rules or parameters, like we would have done in our parent’s basement years ago. Just a bunch of nasty, sloppy rock that made us excited…and if we got excited by it, chances are you guys will too. And you know what? Magic happened….….Stay tuned for more magic!! XOXO”

Lee Aaron‘s “Whatcha Do To My Body” video:

Lee Aaron: Whatcha do to my body (HQ Version!)

Premier extrait de son album “Bodyrock” paru en 1989. Lee est très désirable dans ce vidéo en se tortillant devant ses gars de moto. Ceux-ci font aussi leur …

Lee Aaron‘s “Hands On” video:

Lee Aaron official video ‘Hands On’ 1989

Making this video was so much fun. I love how Don (director) was so good at capturing the levity and wholesomeness of this song (and Whatcha Do To My Body) w…

Lee Aaron‘s “Sweet Talk” video:

Lee Aaron: Sweet talk (HQ Version!)

Troisième extrait de son album “Bodyrock” paru en 1989. Une toune Rock légère qui nous montre toute la sensualité et la sensibilité de Lee lorsqu’elle est su…