Lee Aaron to release new album ‘Fire And Gasoline’ on March 25, 2016

Lee Aaron to release new album ‘Fire And Gasoline’ on March 25, 2016

Canadian female rocker and “metal queen” Lee Aaron will be releasing a new album entitled Fire And Gasoline on March 25, 2016, which will contain eleven new original songs.

Lee Aaron‘s website provides information on the new album via award winning arts and music journalist Jim Barber who is quoted as saying (in part):

Lee Aaron CD cover“Relationships – especially the important ones – are by their very nature combustible. Friends, lovers, collaborators, wherever there is emotion, intimacy, and a real connection, possibilities for explosive desire, explosive joy or explosive anger exist. The title track from the hotly-anticipated new album from legendary Canadian songstress Lee Aaron, Fire And Gasoline captures the essence of the fiery nature of human relationships in a way that is captivating, powerful and with the unmistakable rock ‘n’ roll flourish that has made Aaron a household name and part of this nation’s musical firmament.

The album, which will be released in March on her Big Sister Records (with world-wide distribution through ILS/Caroline), is a new benchmark for an artist in complete control of her creative faculties. She is excited with the result of her labours; “My attitude from the very beginning was that I would just let the creative process flow. There was no conscious planning and no parameters. I wanted to make music because I love making music,” said Aaron, who has lived on the west coast for the past 20 years. “I wanted to make a record that was completely unfiltered. No one imposing any boundaries and I imposed none on myself.”

As a collection of new music, Fire And Gasoline is unmistakably Lee Aaron. The powerful, evocative, deeply resonant voice is still in the fore, but it’s now tinged with the gravitas and tenor that comes from the spirit of a more seasoned and thoughtful songwriter and performer. It marks Aaron’s first album since 2004’s jazz-infused Beautiful Things and her first true rock album since 1995’s 2preciious. Aaron’s music has been the soundtrack for millions of fans around the world since her debut, The Lee Aaron Project, was released in 1982. The same catchy vocal and melodic hooks remain, as does her remarkable ability to convey a gamut of emotions over the course of an album – from raucous to reflective, from playful to breathtakingly sad.

What is different about Fire And Gasoline, is that these 11 songs are crafted by an artist who has lived an authentic life – one filled with grating depths of sorrow to euphoric heights of love and happiness. They are songs that exemplify an artist whom is in touch with her past, present and future and who is unafraid to delve into the misjudgements of youth to mine the wisdom and lessons of her life today. There is a touch of contemplation and insight throughout every word and note. “The song “Bitter Sweet” is a definitely a break-up song, but it’s reflecting back on a break up that happened many years ago and the tough lesson learned. “Fire And Gasoline” explores the crazy nature of passion and how it can keep us attracted to something we know full well is destructive, yet keep us hanging on to it,” she said.



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When asked to describe the Lee Aaron ‘brand’ she says this: “My goal is always to create songs that are sing-able and relatable…as well as edgy. Even when I was writing jazz songs or pop-metal material, they came from the same place. But that’s not something you can manufacture. The inspirations have to come from an authentic place and those are usually experiences that most people can identify with. For me, those are the hallmarks of a good song.”

Lee Aaron’s musical pedigree is highlighted by 12 albums that range from her breakout sophomore release, Metal Queen in 1984, through to the stratospheric commercial and critical success of the anthemic pop-metal of 1989’s Bodyrock and 1991’s Some Girls Do through the experimental alt-rock stylings of Emotional Rain, released in 1994, and her later jazz albums. Along the journey, Aaron has courageously followed her creative muse wherever it has lead, holding firm to her artistic integrity, which has allowed her to build and maintain a remarkably loyal fan base, even through her years of relative inactivity.

Lee Aaron photoFor the past decade has Aaron spent much of her time focussed on her young family. But music was never far from her mind, as she continued to noodle around in her home recording studio. She re-entered the rock ‘n’ roll a few short years ago, playing a number of festival shows and realized there was still a huge appetite for her brand of sophisticated, melodic rock music and impressive back catalogue.

“I always knew I was going to record again, I just didn’t know when, and I didn’t put that pressure on myself. Raising children takes an incredible amount of creative energy and my priority was these two amazing little people in my life. They’re more independent now, so some time and space has opened up,” Aaron said, adding that the kids are also becoming more interested in music themselves. “I really enjoy a lot of the pop stuff they listen to but it was also a motivation for me to get them listening to some of the music that resonated with me as a youth.” At 14, Aaron discovered Led Zeppelin, the Strawbs, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Heart, The Runaways and David Bowie (amongst others) in a pile of discarded vinyl from a college radio station. “I started revisiting this stuff with my kids and it took me back to a place of feeling so inspired by music again. I went, yeah…..it’s time.”

Another creative spark for Fire And Gasoline came in the form of Toronto-based guitar wizard Sean Kelly. Best known for his critically acclaimed Canadian music history book Metal on Ice and as sideman for Grammy award-winning superstar Nelly Furtado, Kelly collaborated on five songs with Aaron, and is now a regular member of her touring band. “Discovering him was like finding the missing piece to a musical puzzle, both onstage and as a collaborator. In terms of musical sensibility his sense of timing and groove with the band totally worked. We started sending each other musical ideas back and forth and he really appreciated what I was doing and I loved what he was coming up with. We simply clicked,” she said….”

More information and details on the new album Fire And Gasoline is available on Lee Aaron‘s website.