Lee Aaron unleashes video for new single “Vampin'”

Lee Aaron unleashes video for new single “Vampin'”

Lee Aaron and her band consisting of Sean Kelly on guitar, Dave Reimer on bass and John Cody on drums have unveiled a video for their new single “Vampin’” from their upcoming new studio album Radio On!, which will be available via Metalville Records on July 23, 2021.

Track List for Radio On!:
01. Vampin’
02. Soul Breaker
03. C’mon
04. Mama Don’t Remember
05. Radio On
06. Soho Crawl
07. Devil’s Gold
08. Russian Doll
09. Great Big Love
10. Wasted
11. Had Me at Hello
12. Twenty One

In a recent interview with Sleaze Roxx, Lee Aaron was asked whether the songs on Radio On! were written during the Covid pandemic to which she replied:

“There’s definitely a magic that happens when my band and I play in a room together. We really haven’t had that luxury. We’re a bi-coastal band. My guitar player Sean Kelly lives in Toronto and the rest of us live on the west coast, but in the same city. So, getting together to write is a luxury for us. The last two albums were mostly written by sending files back and forth. So for this one, I insisted that we need to get in a room together to write. So we got together for a weekend and I asked that they each bring their best three songs or ideas. We pooled our ideas and ‘Radio On!’ is the result of that.”

Lee Aaron‘s “Vampin'” video: