Legendary Alice Cooper Drummer Unleashes His Sexual Savior


March 21, 2008

From the sick and twisted mind of original Alice Cooper drummer Neal Smith, one of the Legendary GODS of Shock Rock, comes KillSmith with a new CD entitled ‘Sexual Savior’. Born 2008 on a bloody St. Valentine’s Day massacre, ‘Sexual Savior’ unloads a hardcore metal celebration of the human condition, violence, death, sex, lust and greed. The CD comes with a sixteen-page booklet featuring song lyrics and lots of hot female skin. Turn the volume all the way up and blast your brains out listening to eleven new songs destined to be Classick’s including: “Naked And The Raw”, “Sexual Savior”, “Monsters In The Attic” (with drum solo), “How Do You Bleed”, “Dynasty Of Darkness” and “Human Evolution”.

KillSmith – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Peter The Cat – Bass and Vocals
Lord Bryan Morrell and Tommy-Gun Crowley – Guitars
Fingers Smith and Pete Keys Hickey – Synthesizers
Rattlesnake Smith – Drums

Neal Smith is best known worldwide for his innovative drumming and outrageous stage antics with the original Alice Cooper Group. His solid drumming is the hallmark sound behind such 1970’s Alice Cooper hits “Schools Out”, “I’m Eighteen”, “Billion Dollar Babies” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. Neal is also a prolific songwriter, who helped pen many of Cooper’s best known songs. From the late 1970’s to the present, Smith’s trademark drums can be heard on several albums, including the critically acclaimed Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith CDs.

And now with ‘Sexual Savior’, “this aggressive masterpiece is aimed at today’s hard rock market, but will no doubt appeal to anyone with anti-social tendencies,” Derek Emery of LA’s The Place. “A true veteran of the drum kit, Neal Smith expands his remarkable talent on this new CD, playing drums, synthesizer, and guitar as well as all lead vocals. Each heart pounding song was written and produced by Smith as well. The brilliant drumming alone will leave you paralyzed!”

KillSmith’s ‘Sexual Savior’ is now available from CD Baby, iTunes, E-Bay and Amazon.com, as well as the official KillSmith website. Buy it – you’ll love it to death!!!

For more information: www.NealSmith.com

Courtesy of Glass Onyon PR