Lessdress Promote Latest Album With “Chicaboom” Video

Lessdress Promote Latest Album With “Chicaboom” Video

December 17, 2014

Have you ever heard of Lessdress? Propably not. Don’t feel bad though, because the Polish band did not get much media coverage in their heyday (1988-1993) and are still keeping a pretty low and local profile these days.

Having reunited a few years back, releasing their comeback album ‘Sugarfree’ in 2007 — more than ten years after their previous effort, Lessdress is back yet again. After another much prolonged hiatus, Lessdress have released a brand new record called ‘Fools Die Young’ and are promoting the album with a video for the song “Chicaboom”.

“This is a pretty straight on video, to a pretty straight on song — no real plot here. There’s just the band there doing what it does best, rocking out,” explained Lessdress frontman, and Big Lebowski look-alike, Pawel Nowakowski, during a recent interview. “About the song, it expresses the noise of life. We live in lives full of quiet order, this song is a manifest of the means of breaking this order. It shows life can be noisy. We’ll have time for silence when our toes point up.”

Regarding the new thirteen song album ‘Fools Die Young’ the band states, “On this album we have put everything we know about rock and roll — all the joy, drum meets guitar sound, catchy (at least by our own standards) tracks, all armed with melodic choruses. We believe it sounds natural and true to our definition of good time rock music, without any unnecessary overproduction or any that crap. Good time music, a perfect fit to cure you of the blues. More addictive than drugs and definitely better for your health.”

One major setback for the album seems to be the fact you can only purchase the pyhsical CD at Polish websites such as merlin.pl and www.fonografika.pl. If you want to get more familiar with Lessdress, there are some tracks scattered on YouTube as well as some of their previous videos — such as 2007’s “Who’s Fucking Who” and 1989’s “Sweet Venice”.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com