Liberty N’ Justice Best Of CD Out Now


April 21, 2008

First of all, our new CD being released by Versailles Records, “4-All:The Best Of LNJ” is in stores now (as of 4-1-08) and all so can be bought online through a few websites like… , MTV Online,, Best Buy , and a lot of other stores you can find by googling the CD title. The CD is also being released to online music sites by G-Man Records and overseas the CD is being distributed by MusicBuyMail. The final track listing is below…..

1. We Have A God (Derrick Lefevre Of Lillian Ax & Larry Worley Of Fearnot) (new Track)
2. Rage (Dug Pinnick Of Kings X) (new Track)
3. Devil In The Details (Steve Brown Of Trixter/ Stereo Fallout) (new Track)
4. Author Of The Flame (Dale & Troy Thompson Of Bride) (new Track)
5. Blind Man’s Bluff (Michael Sweet Of Stryper) (“welcome To The Revolution”)
6. Noise (Jamie Rowe Of Guardian) (“welcome To The Revolution”)
7. Shed My Skin (Lou Gramm Of Foreigner) (“welcome To The Revolution”)
8. Another Nail (Sebastian Bach X-skid Row) (“soundtrack Of A Soul”)
9. Sight Unseen (Leif Garret) (“soundtrack Of A Soul”)
10. Flinch (Tony Harnell X-tnt) (“soundtrack Of A Soul”)
11. Thy Will Be Done (Mark Slaughter Of Slaughter & Pete Loran Of Trixter) (“soundtrack Of A Soul”)
12. Killer Grin (Stephen Pearcey Of Ratt) (“soundtrack Of A Soul”)
13. Doubting Thomas (John Corabi X-Motley Crue/Ratt/Union) (“independence Day”)
14. Monkey Dance (Jack Russell Of Great White) (“independence Day”)
15. Soldier (Kelly Keagey Of Night Ranger & Mark Slaughter Of Slaughter) (“independence Day”)
16. Independence Day (Kelly Kelling Of Baton Rouge/ Tso) (“independence Day”)
17. Praying For A Miracle (Ted Poley Of Danger Danger) (“independence Day”)
18. Addiction (Jani Lane X-warrant) (“independence Day”)

The first three reviews can be read at Shipwreck Island, Christian Metal Realm, Christian Rockers Online, and Angelic Warlord. We have all so started an online store of our own through our Myspace page ( where you can listen to samples of all four of the new tracks!

If you get a chance, go to our main website page, and tell us who you would like to hear and play on the next LNJ CD through our messageboard. As most of you know we listen to our fans and strive to make good music with singers that bring our songs to life!

In closing, having released three records in three years I am emotionally spent and with all that is going on in my personal life (with my company in Pekin,IL- JB Murr) Sharon (my wife) and I have decided that I am going to take some time away from LNJ and there will not be a new LNJ CD in 09′. Two things I will tell you thoughis that there will be a new LNJ CD and we will start recording next year to be released in 2010! We have even found the producer for the CD, Steve Brown (Trixter/ Stereo Fallout) and recorded 6 demos that are very cool and will change the sound of LNJ to a more commercial overproduced rock sound!

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