Liberty N’ Justice Delay The Release Of Jani Lane Fronted Single

Liberty N’ Justice Delay The Release Of Jani Lane Fronted Single

August 17, 2011

Liberty N’ Justice were scheduled to release on of Jani Lane’s final studio recordings, a single entitled “Sin”, on August 15th. However the band has decided to delay the release of the single — written by JK Northrup, Justin Murr, Jani Lane, Keri Kelli, and Scott Bolan — to a later date.

Liberty N’ Justice founder Justin Murr tells Sleaze Roxx, “First I must say I am sorry for all the confusion about not releasing the new Liberty N’ Justice song featuring Jani Lane on itunes on the date stated on our press release (8-15-11). I have read many things about me (both pro & con) and just wanted to clear the air on a few things…

Even before I consider myself a musician or businessman, I am a follower of Christ, a husband, and a father. I have, and still do, fail at all three of these things miserably at times, but the one thing that holds all three of these together (for me) is love. That brings me up to me wrestling with releasing this song right now.

When I woke Tuesday morning I had 322 emails in my inbox, some stating they couldn’t wait to hear or they couldn’t find it & others condemning me for exploiting Jani. Included in these emails where over 30 requests from radio stations wanting the song to play as soon as I serviced them with the single. The last (for me), were the most convincing, and that was from people very close to Jani asking me to wait till at least after the funeral. The one thing that I got from all these emails was love, you his fans loved the artist Jani Lane and the music he created with Warrant and by himself.

I, with good conscience, need to allow his family, friends, and his fans to grieve. Once we get past this, we then can celebrate the new music he helped create with Liberty N’ Justice. He helped craft the lyrics with Scott Bolan and myself & I do believe it shows where he was at spiritually at the time and should help ease some of the pain of his loss.

For now, you can hear a sample of the song “Sin” only at & If you decide to purchase the song please know a portion of the proceeds WILL go to Jani Lane because he helped co-write the song.

I am sorry again for not showing more compassion to his family, friends, and fans. Anyone who knows me (really knows me), knows me wanting to release this at this time was not a money motivation but more of a “message” motivation… soon we will have the official release date so you, his fans, can hear this amazing song. In closing, I think the chorus of the song suits better then anything I can say…”

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