Liberty N Justice Signs With Retroactive Records For ‘Light It Up’


April 23, 2009

Retroactive Records has signed the band LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE for a new album now titled “LIGHT IT UP” to release in the fall of 2009!

LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE already announced that Dale & Troy Thompson of Bride, Marq Torien of Bulletboys & Chris Holmes of WASP will be on the fall 2009 release called “LIGHT IT UP”.

We are proud to announce two more songs: Les Carlson of the classic Christian band Bloodgood & Oz Foz of Stryper/ Bloodgood as well as Robert Mason of Warrant/ Lynch Mob & Jerry Dixon of Warrant!!!!

2009 Retroactive Records release by LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE to be titled “LIGHT IT UP” (Formerly announced title: “The Cigar Chronicles”)

01. Light It Up
02. The Other Thief (feat. Dale and Toy Thompson of BRIDE)
03. Blink
04. Do What You Believe
05. Man vs. Mother Nature
06. Treading On Serpents (feat. Les Carlson Bloodgood & Oz Foz of Stryper/ Bloodgood)
07. Uncle Sam
08. Every Reason To Believe
09. Wrestling With God
10. Best Time You Never Had
11. Beautiful Decision
12. Drunk De ad Gorgeous (feat. Marq Torien of BULLETBO YS and Chris Holmes of W.A.S.P.)
13. Greed (feat. Robert Mason Warrant/ Lynch Mob & Jerry Dixon of Warrant)
14. For Better Or Worse

“With an impressive lineup of musicians and vocalists the like never seen on a Christian rock compilation CD…(Liberty N’ Justice) has earned a place in (Christian Metal)…history,” according to Christian Metal Central, founder Justin Murr explained of the group’s unique sound that the group’s larger musical purpose is “to reach a greater audience with the life changing message of Jesus Christ! I have a dream and I know God put this dream in my heart…God is a God who answers your dreams/prayers as long as you put him first. I am confident to say I am really a no-one and for these great singers and musicians to sing on my project is a testament of his grace and mercy.” Putting that passion into a catalog of albums that includes ‘Welcome to the Revolution,’ released in 2004, ‘Soundtrack of a Soul,’ released in 2006, ‘Independence Day,’ released in 2007, and a Greatest Hits collection, ‘4- All: The Best of LNJ’, released in 2008, and the group’s forthcoming studio LP, ‘Light It Up,’ due in the fall of 2009, Liberty N’ Justice, as Murr continues, endeavors heading into the future to celebrate their faith through music that is “bigger and louder… Big guitars, big hooks, big vocals, and the thing that makes a LNJ project…Big Names!”

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