Liberty N Justice to release new more aggressive album ‘Beauty In The Black Eye’

Liberty N Justice to release new more aggressive album ‘Beauty In The Black Eye’

Liberty N Justice featuring original bassist Justin Murr will be releasing a new album titled Beauty In The Black Eye.

The following message was posted on Murr‘s Facebook page yesterday:

“It’s July 4th ! Independence Day ! How about we reveal the new Liberty N Justice album name and artwork !!!! LNJ is back with our first “All-Star” CD since 2013’s “Cigar Chronicles” with a more aggressive album, “Beauty In The Black Eye”.

More details soon including all the guest singers, musicians, and release date !!!!!”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Cigar Chronicles:

“Even those who are big fans of bar bands will have a hard time picking over the first volume of The Cigar Chronicles, the new double disc set from veteran glam rockers Liberty N’ Justice. Consisting of a baker’s dozen renditions of what are presumably band faves, the song selection vacillates wildly between earnest picks and blatant stabs at cheesy novelty.

Not only is there arguably zero market for heavy metal covers of “Ice Ice Baby”, “MMMBop” and “Dancing On The Ceiling”, but, considering the guest list involved, these tracks are a complete waste of talents like Eddie Ojeda, Kelly Keeling and James Christian. “Iris” and “Bye Bye Bye” actually come off respectably enough, but separate them from the context of the abysmal tracks surrounding them and I doubt even those will be making anyone’s mixtape anytime soon.

Volume 2 is where the originals lie, and one would do best to just consider that the actual album, treating Volume 1 as a disposable bonus disc (even though it’s positioned as anything but). Even then this is a confusing project, so a little context is in order — bassist Justin Murr is the only original member of Liberty N’ Justice remaining, so essentially this is a pick-up band. That would seem to explain the plethora of guest singers — not to mention other musicians — but nope, Liberty N’ Justice boast a full time vocalist in David Cagle, a permanent guitarist in JK Northrup and a couple guys of indeterminate commitment listed on keyboards and drums.”

Liberty N’ Justice‘s “Ice Ice Baby” song (feat. Seann Nicols, Eddie Ojeda and JK Northrup):

Liberty N’ Justice “Ice Ice Baby”

Liberty N’ Justice “Ice Ice Baby” featuring Seann Nichols (Adler’s Appetite/ Tarsha),Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister), and JK Northrup (Liberty N’ Justice/ King …