Lillian Axe Cancel Shows After Car Accident

Lillian Axe Cancel Shows After Car Accident

August 8, 2013

Lillian Axe Cancel Shows After Car AccidentLillian Axe have been forced to cancel their two upcoming Texas shows because the band and crew were in a very bad automobile accident overnight traveling to Dallas. Thankfully no one in the Lillian Axe camp suffered major injuries.

En route to Texas to perform Thursday night at Trees in Dallas and Friday night at the Scout Bar in Houston, the band was victim to a vehicular accident. While the situation undergoes official investigation, there is no information regarding the exact physics of the accident.

To report, all members of Lillian Axe are well and have been treated at local hospitals for minor and non-threatening injuries. There has been extensive damage to the band’s equipment, and as a result this weeks two performances have been set to reschedule at a later date.

For complete news updates on the band, including upcoming performance dates, and to leave thoughts and concerns for the band, please visit their official Facebook page at Lillian Axe appreciates your support and looks forward to regrouping from this situation and getting back to the music immediately.

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