Lillian Axe ‘Convergence’ Box Set Features Complete Discography

Lillian Axe ‘Convergence’ Box Set Features Complete Discography

November 26, 2013

Lillian Axe, with the help of CME Records, will release a limited edition box set entitled ‘Convergence’ early next year.

The box set will contain all of Lillian Axe’s releases from their 1988 self-titled debut up to 2012’s ‘XI: The Days Before Tomorrow’. The collection will also include a bonus CD consisting of previously unreleased material.

Also included in the box set is a replica ‘Psychoschizophrenia 1993’ tour pass, two Steve Blaze custom guitar picks, and a booklet with liner notes by Blaze — each box will be hand numbered and autographed by Blaze. Due to the great response from fans regarding ‘Convergence’ the band will be pressing 250 box sets instead of the originally planned 100.

To reserve your box today, send an email with your email address and name to All box sets must be pre-paid prior to release.

‘Convergence’ albums:
Lillian Axe
Love And War
Out Of The Darkness Into The Light
Poetic Justice
Fields of Yesterday + 2 bonus tracks (Japanese release)
Live 2002 (disc 1)
Live 2002 (disc 2)
Waters Rising
Sad Day On Planet Earth
Deep Red Shadows
XI: The Days Before Tomorrow

Bonus CD track listing:
The Live And War EP (previously a digital only release)
01. All’s Fair In Love And War (live 2012)
02. Ghost Of Winter (live 2012)
03. Show A Little Love (live 2012)
04. Angels Among Us (import only bonus track from ‘XI: The Days Before Tomorrow)
The Love And War demos from 1989 (different versions that made the final album):
05. She Likes It On Top
06. Diana
07. All’s Fair In Love And War
08. Down On You
09. Fool’s Paradise
10. The Last Good Bye (previously unreleased)
11. Perfect Blue (previously unreleased)
12. The World Stopped Turning

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