Lillian Axe Narrow Singer Search Down To Two Candidates

Lillian Axe Narrow Singer Search Down To Two Candidates

December 16, 2010

Lillian Axe Narrow Singer Search Down To Two CandidatesLillian Axe has almost completed the search for their new lead singer following Ronny Munroe’s unexpected departure from the band in October.

In a statement the band says, “Lillian Axe is alive and well! We know we have been away for a awhile. We now have narrowed our search for a new singer down to two candidates and we will be announcing our new singer in January. We, along with our manager took our time going through numerous submissions and auditions to find the right man for the job and we are almost there. Please be patient and we know you will not be disappointed. We just wanted to make sure we have the right singer to help move Lillian Axe forward and to continue to make great music.

We are going to start 2011 with a full throttle assault. We are going to record a new song with our new singer that will be available for download so everyone can hear some new Lillian Axe! Then we will be hitting the road to tour and finally support Deep Red Shadows with a new set list and stage production with the same Lillian Axe intensity that will blow your minds.

The new Cuba Gooding Jr. movie, “The Hit List” will finally be released in March and features the single “47 Ways To Die” as the main song in the movie.

The entire Lillian Axe organization would like to wish everyone “happy holidays” and a “happy and healthy new year.” 2011 is going to be a special time for Lillian Axe.”

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