Lioncourt release lyric video for single “Without You”

Lioncourt release lyric video for single “Without You”

Lioncourt consisting of lead vocalist David Lioncourt, guitarists Abel III and Hyde, bassist Robert J. Guzell II and drummer Staci Rios have unveiled a lyric video for their single “Without You.”

The group’s “Biography” on its Facebook page indicates:

“Hailing from a sleepy town in California’s Central Valley, a place without the musical legacy of San Francisco or Sacramento, Lioncourt reflect the darker side of hard rock and the macabre.

Lioncourt’s rhythm section is comprised of Staci Rios on drums and Robert J. Guzell II on bass. The sonic dueling guitars are brought to life by heavy riffers Hyde and Abel III. And heading up the group is singer/songwriter David Lioncourt, evoking the powers of Layne Staley, James Hetfield, and Sebastian Bach.

Despite the group’s new beginning, the members are seasoned musicians and songwriters collectively selling over 100k records and sharing the stage with artists such as Sebastian Bach, Motionless In White, Anthrax, Killswitch Engage and Mötorhead, previous to forming Lioncourt.

Together the band digs up the ghosts of hard rock’s more illustrious past with a sound that is at times familiar but brings an entirely new and haunting vibe to modern music.

You need no ghost to come from the grave, Lioncourt is here to stay.”

Lioncourt‘s “Without You” lyric video:

Lioncourt – Without You (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

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Lioncourt‘s “Kiss To Kill” video:

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