Lipstick offer free download of new track “You Can’t Stop The Rock”

Lipstick offer free download of new track “You Can’t Stop The Rock”

Theatrical glam rockers Lipstick are offering a free download of their new song “You Can’t Stop The Rock” from their recently released sophomore album Lipstick II.

You can go to Lipstick‘s website to download the song “You Can’ Stop The Rock” for free.

Earlier today, Lipstick‘s founder and frontman Greg Troyan posted the following message on the band’s website:

“Hello there! Greg from Lipstick here!

We’re offering a free download of a song from our new album, “Lipstick II”. This is a super cool song called “You Can’t Stop The Rock”. It features some awesome friends like Tom Pappas from power-pop superheroes Superdrag, and our buddy Phil Shouse who is now playing with the legendary Gene Simmons from Kiss. We hope you this little free sample from our new album, and if you like it, we humbly ask you to share it with your friends and pick up a copy of the CD to support independent art. There’s no obligation, we just want you to give us a shot. Thanks for your time and we hope you like it!


Sleaze Roxx recently interviewed Troyan who stated the following about the differences between Lipstick‘s debut self-titled album and the new studio album Lipstick II: “‘Lipstick’ is a harder rocking album with focus and a mission. The first album was about defining the band and the message, and because of that, it comes off as a little bit more ambitious, despite being simpler in a lot of ways. ‘Lipstick II’ is a bit more loose in terms of direction and is a bit more eclectic, but the songwriting and musicianship has greatly improved. Some of the songs are songs leftover from the first album that didn’t fit thematically with that album. This album is less focused on a theme and more about expanding upon the foundation already built in the first album. Overall, I think ‘Lipstick II’ is a better sounding album than the first album and is overall more lighthearted and fun. It’s not trying to prove anything. It’s just trying to be a fun record.”

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