Lipstick to take darker and heavier direction on upcoming third album ‘Lipstick III’

Lipstick to take darker and heavier direction on upcoming third album ‘Lipstick III’

Theatrical glam rockers Lipstick featuring singer Greg Troyan and bassist Stephen Smith have decided to take a darker and heavier direction for their upcoming third studio album Lipstick III.

In a recent interview with the Geek Music Podcast, Troyan stated the following:

“It’s gonna be a bit different than the last album. We’ve sorta looked at what our strengths are and what our weaknesses are. It’s probably gonna be a bit less geeky than the last album. It’s gonna be a bit more straightforward, a bit more aggressive: a bit more hard rock. We talked with a lot of fans and friends and paid attention to what the critics are saying. There’s a big part of the fanbase that loves the nerdy stuff and we’re not completely abandoning it, but we’re going for a more straightforward, streamlined hard-rock sound for the next album. I think people who really loved the first album that may have been disappointed by the second one will be brought back, but I don’t think we’ll lose the fans of the second album either. It’s going to be a heavier and darker Lipstick, but it’s still going to be Lipstick.”

When asked for a comparison musically, Troyan continued: “If you’re wanting sort of comparisons, “Alone” on the first Lipstick album is a good general marker. It’s basically taking a lot of my experiences from growing up poor in rougher neighborhoods, getting into fights all the time, poverty, coming from a rough city, it’s really about embracing those lyrical themes. I have a bunch of songs that I’ve been sitting on for years that didn’t really fit in with Lipstick albums because of the darker lyrical content, and we’re bringing a lot of those in. It’s almost like a concept piece where the songs are going to fit very well together. It’s going to be nowhere near as lighthearted as previous Lipstick affairs. It’s still going to be fun. You’ll still be able to rock to it. You’ll be able to dance to it. You’ll be able to groove to it. It’ll be like Fight Back, which is a heavy song with heavy content, but it’s still fun to listen to.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Lipstick II: “Back in 2014, Lipstick released their debut self-titled album which had some catchy songs and at least one standout largely instrumental track (“The Flash”). Lipstick are very theatrical as you can tell from the very colourful almost clown like costumes worn by Troyan and fellow band member Stephen Smith, and they have a very silly mascot in their cat Mr. Cool. While I love the theatrics provided by artists such as Alice Cooper and KISS, the bubble gum theatrics provided by Lipstick are not my cup of tea. With Lipstick II, Troyan and Smith simply go over the top with everything from the cartoon cover, to the super long song title for track 14 (“Lipstick Encourages You To Have Fun At Our Shows But Not At The Expense Of Other Concertgoers”), to some of their kid like matters tackled in their songs (“Girl Dressed As Sailor Moon” and “Gotta Eat When You Can”), to the amount of guest musicians playing on the album. There are really only a handful of good songs on Lipstick II. The first song “Fight Back” is the best by far.”

Lipstick‘s “The Flash” song (from Lisptick album):

Lipstick Generation – The Flash

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