Lita Ford feels alienated as no communication with two sons for last seven years

Lita Ford feels alienated as no communication with two sons for last seven years

Lita Ford was recently interviewed by The WiMN and was asked whether she was still involved with the organizations, Parental Alienation and Kids First Parental Alienation Awareness, as she had become an advocate for parents’ rights shortly after her divorce in 2011, when she was denied contact with both of your sons.

Ford replied: “Yes, I am. As long as it exists I will always be an activist for Parental Alienation. It IS a form of evil. Our family legal system does nothing if you have enough money to pay them, they don’t care about your kids well-being. My ex has kept my sons from me for seven years now. No communication with my sons whatsoever. No texting, no phone calls, no emails, nothing! This is alienation.

He knows they love me but they have to do what he says, go along with his lies because the backlash from him is too much to take. He wants to hurt me for divorcing him, so he is using our sons to inflict the pain. He has no reason at all to do this except he knows he is hurting me, I was the best mother anyone could have ever had. My sons loved me dearly, but he is a liar. I will forever be an activist against parental alienation, as long as it exists worldwide.”

Ford was also asked about further details about her crediting Eddie Van Halen in her book, Living Like A Runaway, for motivating her in 1979, four years after The Runaways, to give her all as a guitarist and musician. Ford stated: “I was starting to get frustrated and was going to give up. He talked me out of it and said “f*ck them, Lita you can play guitar, go f*cking play guitar.” He was like my big bro. Coming from him, it gave me a lot of confidence to tell the world who didn’t believe in me to f*ck off. And I did.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Ford at WiMN.