Lita Ford Gets Naughty


August 24, 2009


Lita Ford Gets Naughty

Remember the good old days, when you’d rush home from buying vinyl at your nearest record shop, put the platter on your turntable, and study the album cover and its contents as you listened? With those days seemingly gone with the “download revolution” in full swing, Lita is willing to offer fans a good sense of deja vu with her upcoming release on October 6th, Wicked Wonderland.

In addition to being released as a CD and a download, it will also be issued as a vinyl record and an eye-popping picture disc. Pre-orders for both the CD and the vinyl version are available via Lita’s official site (, Myspace page ( and

“We told [album designers] Piggy D and Carin the lyrics to the songs – they’re very sexual,” says Lita. “We told them we didn’t want it to be our idea of a Wicked Wonderland. We wanted people to be able to hear the music, look at the art, and come up with their own Wicked Wonderland. Because my idea is probably a lot different than yours, which is probably a lot different than the neighbors! We all have different fantasies. What we love to do isn’t going to be for everybody, so we wanted the art to be very sexual yet vague enough to let you come up with your own thing – to help spur you into your own Wicked Wonderland.”

Lita’s husband, Jim Gillette – who also co-produced Wicked Wonderland with Lita and Greg Hampton – agrees. “There’s a piece of art for every song. I haven’t seen any packaging like this in 20 years. Everybody’s doing the download thing – it’s like, go ahead, but you’re going to miss out on a huge part of the experience. One night, we had a bottle of champagne and we sat there for three hours – we have a huge Apple screen in our studio, and we blew the picture up and started finding all this crazy stuff. Piggy said there are two cockroaches on the album cover…we only found one – we did find the other! There’s stuff all over.

Lita says it’s almost like an ‘I Spy’ thing – the more you look, the more you see.”

The vinyl version of Wicked Wonderland will be issued as a limited run, and the picture disc will be even a smaller limited run, so act fast. And tying in with the album cover design is a new design for Lita’s Myspace page.

“Piggy D and Carin Cronacher put it together using the same artwork that they created for the album,” explains Lita. “Our myspace page is different from other bands, because we have pictures of the whole family. There’s a video of our kid boxing, there’s family photos – photos from the house, everyday life, vacations. It’s cool – we’ve gotten a lot of comments on that and a lot of emails through Myspace from people thanking us for being so open with our family life, and sharing more private stuff – rather than only studio-type shots.”

And lastly, Jim encourages fans to get in touch with Lita through her myspace page, and either Lita or Jim will try and respond.

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