Lita Ford to release concept album with “dark and riffy” music in 2019

Lita Ford to release concept album with “dark and riffy” music in 2019

Lita Ford was recently interviewed by former Anthrax lead vocalist Neil Turbin for Canada’s The Metal Voice at the Third Annual Hall of Heavy Metal History at the Marriott Delta Garden Grove in Anaheim, California, USAon January 23, 2018.

Ford spoke about her upcoming new studio album as she advised:

“I went to work with Gary Hoey in the studio and we recorded some awesome songs for a 2019 release and it will be a concept album. Since it it is a concept we have to keep the songs consistent, so they all work together. The music will be dark and riffy. The album is all done and written all we have to do now is put pen to paper.  Also we just recorded a song called ‘Monsters’ for the new album. ‘Monsters’ is about the Charles Manson‘s types in the world, who brainwash and take advantage of people. It could be someone like an attorney or it could be someone like your Mom who is the monster of your life or could be your manager.”

You can listen to the interview with Lita Ford by The Metal Voice below:

Lita Ford Interview- New Music to be a concept Album- by Neil Turbin

For a quote for The Metal Voice T-shirt please fill out form here Former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin spoke to solo artist Lita Ford at the 3rd annual Hall of Heavy Metal History on January 23 2018. Lita spoke about her new music that will be a concept album and one of the songs called Monsters and the idea behind it.