Lita Ford To Star In Family Business Comic Book


August 28, 2009


14-Year-Old Comic Writer Jake Tinsley Pens the Book.

Lita has taken her family into the recording studio, on the road around the globe, and now will capture her clan manga-style on the pages of their first comic book, The Gillettes: Family Business, due this November.

“We always wanted to do a comic book,” says the Queen of Heavy Metal. “And, this was a great family project. We include the kids in everything we do. They sing the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ on my new album, Wicked Wonderland, and we bring them on the road, where they often jump onstage and throw metal horns or squirt water guns at the crowd. To include them in a project like this was exciting for the whole family.”

The comic book will tell the tale of Lita, husband Jim Gillette, and their two sons, Rocco, 8, and James, 12, trying to make it to their Halloween rock concert, but they encounter trouble along the way in the form of ravenous zombies and an ancient Chinese curse.

The book’s writer, 14-year-old Jake Tinsley, attracted fans worldwide through his critically-acclaimed Night Owl comic book series and his socially-conscious Amber Hagerman Deserves Justice: A Night Owl Story, which was dedicated to helping to find the person who adducted and killed the nine-year-old Arlington, Texas girl in 1996 for which the AMBER Alert child abduction system is named after.

“After working on something as serious as the Amber comic,” explains Jake, “my dad and I wanted a project that was fun. What’s more fun than zombies and rock and roll?” Jake once again teamed with veteran manga artist Jason Dube on this comic to render the drawings. “Jason is the best artist there is for drawing beautiful women manga style,” adds Jake. “He really does Lita justice.”

Manga is the Japanese style known for its bright colors and wide-eyed characters who are exaggerated versions of the human form. Jake, who is a third generation writer, said he wanted to meet Lita and Jim’s kids, Rocco and James because they are second generation rock and rollers. “It’s like they’re real life superheroes already. Who better to fight zombies than a couple of kids so well-trained to fight in real life?” adds Jake. Rocco and James are indeed well-trained at fighting as both kids are into boxing and jujutsu. In fact, the two are assistant jujutsu teachers. “Our kids kicked the hell out it. They are pretty beastly anyway,” adds Lita. “Our kids are extreme and Jake is extreme as a writer. They’re all mighty kids and it was fun to get them together.”

The 24-page, full-color comic book, The Gillettes: Family Business, will be available wherever comic books are sold in November via the family’s JLRG Entertainment and Tinsley’s Wham Bang Comics, which he co-founded with his father Ben Tinsley. For more information, go to or

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