Lita Ford Visits Rock Of Ages

Lita Ford Visits Rock Of Ages

April 18, 2010

Lita Ford Visits Rock Of AgesRock of Ages got a visit from one of the most shredding families in the rock biz on April 9, when guitarist Lita Ford of The Runaways, hubby Jim Gillette of Nitro and mohawk-ed sons James and Rocco dropped by the campy ’80s comedy to see what heavy metal fans in the know have been chattering about ever since the show took the stage.

The girls of ROA, including new star Emily Padgett, were especially empowered by the run-in, since The Runaways were the original set of seriously cool all-girl rock rebels to hit the scene during their reign in the 1970s. (PS: Ford hasn’t been idle since the band went its separate ways either–the bombshell had a hot solo career, met and married Gillette and reportedly has a reality TV series titled The Gillettes: An Extreme American Family in the works.)

Click here for a quick peek at the wild band of music makers at the rockin’ show.

Rock Of Ages is a rock musical set in Hollywood in the 1980s, when it was all about big chords, big dreams and big hair! Rock of Ages explores the pursuit of dreams and tells its story through hits from iconic groups and rockers of the 1980s.

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